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The nightmare continues | Tarragona Newspaper

Although the number of infections has rebounded coinciding with the days after Easter and the removal of indoor masks, hardly anyone here talks about the pandemic anymore. But not for not mentioning it has ceased to exist. Tell that to the 400 million Chinese in 45 cities forced into strict confinement, in a desperate attempt to stop the advance of Covid in the most populous country and with the most powerful economy in the world. In fact, economists are already warning of the serious problems that such a stoppage will cause in an area of ​​intense industrial activity. And it is that the 45 quarantined metropolises represent 40% of Chinese GDP – some 7,200 million dollars. In fact, 20% of the world’s 9,000 active containers are currently stuck waiting to be unloaded at congested ports, including Shanghai, the world’s largest. These are not, therefore, good times for the economy, although the worst is, as always, the human drama of those locked up, who denounce that the police have even padlocked the doors of the portals so that they do not leave their homes. Its drama is heightened by the outright refusal of truckers to enter those cities for fear of getting infected and not being able to leave, which has caused many people to not have anything to eat and there are already media outlets that speak of pet slaughter. No, the nightmare is not over yet.

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