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The Nens del Vendrell will celebrate the Diada pending tribute to Pau Casals

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Pau Casals always he carried his colla castellera Nens del Vendrell in his heart. When the colla visited the cellist already in exile in Prada de Conflent in 1966, it was a great emotion for Casals.

Years before, in 1960, the castellera group Nens del Vendrell attempted a first visit that was unsuccessful. In 1964, at the initiative of Josep Esteve Oliva, Pep Casalta and the Nens colla cap, Jan Julivert, he built human towers for the Prada music festivals.

the boys they were able to return to Prada again in 1966 thanks to the intervention of the civil governor of Vitoria Luís Martín Ballesteros who had a house in Sant Salvador. Ballesteros suggested requesting a collective passport and explaining that the trip was to Lourdes with a pilgrimage from the El Vendrell parish.

Pau Casals observes a castle exhibition.

The trip was made by the Parròquia de Sant Salvador, the Cor Lira Vendrellenca, the castellers Nens del Vendrell, the Cor Orfeó Parroquial and the Dansaires del Penedès.

That August 7 the Nens raised two pillars for Casals. Also in front of his balcony was a pillar of four and on top the musician hugged the enxaneta and gave him his pipe. “When I come home you have to give me a 3 out of 8,” said Casals. Everyone remembers Casals excited.

This was one of many examples of the ties between Casals and the Nens de El Vendrell that wherever they go they proudly bear the name of the master.

The castellera colla had planned a day last year 2020 that prevented the pandemic. The date coincided with centenary of the creation of the Pau Casals Orchestra.

Casals presided over two editions of the Concurs de castells.

Now may be held on May 8 in the Plaza Nova de El Vendrell, near the birthplace of Pau Casals and next to the statue dedicated to the teacher. In addition to the Nens del Vendrell, the Colla Jove dels Xiquets from Tarragona, the Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia and the Castellers de la Il lusió will participate.

Casals was the composer in 1900 of the score toc de castells that he titled Los Xiquets de Valls and that lasts until today. His passion for human towers led him to preside over the Tarragona contest in 1932 and 1933.

When he opted for exile in protest against the Franco regime, both in Prada and in Puerto Rico always kept a photograph of the castellers.


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