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The neighbors oppose the 16 new buildings of the Eix Cívic de Salou

“Yes green area, no buildings.” “No more flats.” “Incivic City Council”. These are some of the messages that can be read on some of the balconies facing the old Salou train tracks. Specifically in the building located between Guillem de Claramunt and Valencia streets, where the residents make clear their opposition to part of the preliminary project baptized as Eix Cívic.

This future backbone of the city contemplates the space currently occupied by the old train tracks as they pass through the center, from the limit of the municipal term with Cambrils (Sangulí campsite) to the Reus motorway, with almost 2 kilometers in length and 64,976 square meters of surface, which the City Council wants to transform into a more sustainable, inclusive and pedestrianized urban fabric in 2027. The dismantling of the roads will begin this year.

Specifically, the Associació de Veïns i Comerciants Barenys-Platja de Ponent de Salou, which also includes those from the La Salut neighborhood, completely rejects the 16 blocks of flats projected in this Eix Cívic and therefore its 300 homes, 207 free and 99 protected.

The current residents understand that the buildings, among which an eight-storey one will stand out that will provide centrality to the entire complex, collide with the only green avenue that they expected and had always been promised by the Salou City Council when talk of dismantling began.

Registered allegations

Their allegations to the preliminary project, which they registered this Monday in the consistory, are headed by a first point in which they make it clear that “we do not want new buildings in the Eix Cívic area”. He is the main workhorse of claiming him.

As a second request, they consider that it is “essential to build an underground car park in the area, in order to compensate for the future disappearance of car parks in the neighborhood. This car park must have favorable conditions for the residents of the neighbourhood, with a subscription at a reasonable monthly price». In this sense, they also request that dissuasive parking lots be established on the outskirts of the municipality “for the same reason.”

Their allegations also include “that the road communication of the “vertical” circulation of vehicles through Pere Martell, Gandesa, Guillem de Claramunt, Barenys and E streets, at least, be guaranteed. And that Barenys street and the street that goes up where the path of La Mata is now (touching the campsite), go directly to the Vial del Cavet, to guarantee the fluidity of going up and down from the Vial. And also guarantee “horizontal” communication from Avenida Diputació de Cambrils to the neighborhood and vice versa.

The residents of the Associació de Veïns i Comerciants Barenys-Platja de Ponent de Salou also state in the letter presented in the consistory their disagreement with how the Eix Cívic preliminary project has been carried out «in terms of transparency and participation, and the the fact that there is such a short period from the start of the participatory process to submit claims’. “It is one more example of the lack of will for participation,” they say.

They even go further by stating that “these allegations are the result of having listened to the neighbors and of having compiled the large number of complaints that we have received, and therefore they are a reflection of the majority opinion of the neighbors.”

The City Council responds

The councilor of Territori de Salou, Marc Montagut, has responded through the Diari de Tarragona to all the allegations presented by the Associació de Veïns i Comerciants Barenys-Platja de Ponent.

“We will analyze and study each of the allegations, because precisely for that reason this period of allegations is open,” says the mayor regarding the main claim of the neighbors to eliminate all the buildings planned right now.

Montagut also indicates that the underground parking they are requesting “is contemplated”, that the road connections are not only guaranteed but that “they will be improved compared to the current ones” and sentence, regarding the public exhibition of the project, that “the period of 30 to 45 days so that the citizens can precisely study the draft and present the pertinent allegations».

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