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The mud engulfs the Nàstic

There is a non-negotiable reality in all categories and that is that if the teams want to be at the top they cannot fail against the teams that occupy the lower part of the classification. That is usually about practice because then in theory it gets very complicated. Nobody gives anything away and affordable theorists present a battle and often scratch points that end up rearranging the table both above and below.

Nàstic dropped two points this past weekend in Murcia against UCAM. The university team was a project designed to rise in the summer, but the passage of time has put it in its place and it is now fighting agonizingly against a traumatic relegation. The draw was bitterly savored because now I know that there is no margin for error and that there are days when failure is no longer allowed. The point has had consequences and Nàstic no longer occupies the playoff positions, although they are still within reach.

It should not surprise so much in the background that the granas have missed the opportunity to get three points against a rival from the lower zone. This has been a constant throughout the season. It is true that only one game has been lost against the teams that currently occupy the relegation places, but much more has been tied than won and that leaves a bitter spoil of 15 out of 30 possible points against the five teams that They occupy the relegation zone at the moment.

We are talking about an insufficient score for a team that wants to be at the top. There are days when it is allowed to fail and days when it is not, and the Nàstic has curiously failed less in the former than in the latter. A positive roadmap would have been, for example, the one that the Grana team has signed against the team that marks the descent right now. Against Cornellà they drew 0-0 away and won at the Nou Estadi. Four out of six possible points achieved, fulfilling exactly what the English average says.

The same cannot be said against Atlético Sanluqueño. Nàstic debuted in the category with an interesting goalless draw in the Andalusian fiefdom, but dropped two points just four weeks ago against Sanluqueño at the Nou Estadi when the Granas won 3-2 after coming from behind. A bitter draw that was interpreted as such.

UCAM got a draw in the Condomina, but also in the Nou Estadi. It was at the premiere of a technician who no longer directs university students like Salva Ballesta. That was another one of those draws at the Nou Estadi that who knows if they may end up condemning the granas not to be in Galicia at the end of the season.

Against Costa Brava, penultimate classified, something similar has also happened and even worse because it is the team that has stolen the most points from Nàstic this season. A point has only been able to add some Tarragona who lost in the visit to l’Estartit and tied at the Nou Estadi in what was a real jug of cold water.

The only team with which Nàstic has done its homework in full has been against the bottom team and the first team mathematically relegated to the 2nd RFEF. A Betis Deportivo that they beat at the Nou Estadi 2-0 and thrashed 0-3 on a day in which Raül Agné was playing for the position back in January.

Interestingly, Nàstic has a somewhat lower average score with the first five classifieds, but it can even improve, since they still have two pending matches against Albacete and Sabadell, currently second and fifth classified. Raül Agné’s men have added 11 of the 24 points at stake so far. An average of 1.375 points per game against the top teams, which is very close to the 1.5 game points they have scored against the bottom teams.

Six finals lie ahead for a Grana team that is aware that against San Fernando the draw against UCAM can do something better. Otherwise, the playoff can be put to more than one game and that with only five ahead is too dangerous a context.

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