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The motion of censure prospers and Altafulla opens mayor

The motion of censure that was submitted to a vote this afternoon in Altafulla has ended up prospering with 7 votes in favor and 6 against, the absolute majority that is needed to change the mayor.

Thus, Montse Castellarnau is from this noon the new mayor of Altafulla, replacing Jordi Molinera who was the mayor until now and since the 2019 elections. Castellarnau is the first female mayor in the history of the municipality.

The plenary session lasted just over an hour. There have been some reproaches between the parties and the aldermen who were for or against censorship.

Evidently, it has become clear that beyond the management of the outgoing mayor and his team, the beach and the problems with the sand have been one of the predominant factors of the plenary session. And it is that this has been the fact that has ended up motivating the motion of censure and the subsequent change of government.

The expectation was great and the room was full, with around 60 people. The plenary has ended with the delivery of the rod to the new mayor.

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