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Some of the sectors that have positions that are difficult to fill and that need the most labor in Catalonia are related to the new technologies and with very dynamic sectors such as Logisticsbut also with more traditional sectors such as farming or the health sectoraccording to the latest edition of the Adecco report on the most demanded profiles.

First of all, we can talk about IT sectorwhere multiple profiles are scarce: from programmers, system administrators either ICT engineers a network technicians and computer security, designers UI/UX, technicians in programming and traceability, CAO technicians and developers fullstack.

52.9% of HR directors admit to having problems when it comes to recruiting talent

Besides, the consulting sector also demands technological and technical profiles such as engineers and programmers.
The main obstacle in Catalonia to cover these positions it is the high qualified profile that it is about. IT profiles have in common the need to have higher education (either engineering, degree or Professional Training) that is very specific and in constant evolution, they are scarce in the market, they enjoy practically full employment and they are part of a candidate prototype that works by projects, hence the difficulty in attracting new professionals. Furthermore, this difficulty is not exclusive to Catalonia; In any point of the Spanish geography there is a shortage of this type of professionals.

Nursing assistants

Second is the health sector.. The health emergency situation and the saturation of primary care centers in the sixth wave aggravated the shortage of all types of professionals in this field, from nursing assistants a doctors Y laboratory techniciansalthough the shortage is even more pronounced when it comes to hiring nurses.

The food industry is another one that continuously looks for workers in Catalonia. Motor of the Catalan economy, the agri-food sector represents 16% of the GDP of this community and 24% of the agri-food industry of Spain. Great generator of employment, this means that they are sought frequently harvesting and planting pawns, food handlers and specialized operators.

When it comes to the shortage of talent in the industrial sector, there are three profiles that stand out above the rest, almost regardless of the branch of activity: electromechanics, specialized operators and maintenance technicians.

In this case, the lack of talent is motivated by a mix between the few qualified and experienced professionals that exist (necessary so that the activity of the companies does not cease, since they carry out preventive and corrective maintenance on the production lines), and the high mobility of these profiles for salary reasons. These figures are deficient in practically any industry within the industrial macrosector.

In Catalonia, the unemployment rate stands at 10.2%, according to the Active Population Survey

But if we go down to specific branches of activity, for example, the logistics and transport sector is demandingin addition to the three previous profiles, professionals such as warehouse and/or picking, dealers, pawns Y forklift drivers with official qualification.

They are also frequently searched logistics and administrative planners. These professions are in greater demand than supply, so they are always highly sought after positions in Catalonia. Closely linked to the logistics sector we find the delivery sector or ‘last mile’where are missing dealers, drivers Y messengers.

The automotive industry -which in Catalonia directly and indirectly employs approximately 140,000 people and contributes 10% of the regional Gross Domestic Product (GDP)- adds to electromechanical, specialized operators Y technicians bmaintenanceseeking quality checkers and engineers.

bank staff

On the general services side, different areas have difficulties finding receptionists, management secretaries, accountants, administrative staff, and banking personnel such as cashiers or similar positions.

Lastly, the sector of the contact center is in continuous search for talent, specifically sales telemarketers, customer service telemarketersbut above all, those telemarketers who have knowledge in languages. Throughout 2021 there have been several massive selection processes opened in Catalonia to recruit candidates with this profile, a scenario that will foreseeably continue to be repeated in 2022.

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