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The most massive walk of Rutes Reus starts 1,200 people

The Parc de Mas Iglesias de Reus was, on the morning of this April 24, the setting for the starting signal for the Reus – Vila-seca – La Pineda popular walk, within the Rutes Reus cycle. The event brought together, as explained by the Reus Councilor for Esports, Pep Cuerba, “about 1,200 people”. It was “the most massive so far this year.”

“We were aware of the weather that it was going to do but, despite the fact that there has been a bit of wind, everything has gone well,” Cuerba pointed out, and stressed that “this type of activity is very important so that everyone can be encouraged to do sport and take care of their health and, in fact, there are many people who go to all of them». On May 8, the celebration of the Cursa de la Dona is scheduled and the next walk will be on June 12.

Yesterday’s, with an itinerary available to everyone, proposed a route of 12.7 kilometers to be completed in a couple of hours. It combined urban sections with sections of roads and passed through the neighborhood of La Plana, the town of Vila-seca and ended in La Pineda. Participation in the walks of this cycle is generally free.

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