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The most exciting fishing in Calafell

When the fishing rod jerked everyone’s faces lit up. With nerves. And the laughter and applause exploded when the fish came out of the sea. A catch that was later returned to the sea.

The port of Segur de Calafell has held this Sunday a fishing day for people with down syndrome.

Twenty people have been able to live the experience of fishing in an activity organized by the Penedès Garraf Fishing Association and with the participation of the Catalan Fishing Federation.

The entity already organizes solidarity activities such as those held to collect food or school supplies. The day for people with down syndrome is the second year that it has been held and as the president of the Catalan Federation explains, it is especially exciting due to the enthusiasm shown by the participants.

In the port of Segur de Calafell they received notions about fishing and when they cast the rods, each participant had the help of a monitor. Everyone has cast their rods waiting for a fish to bite. And they have fished.

The organizers emphasize that beyond the captures, the activity brings tranquility and relaxation to the participants.

During the day different establishments have offered lunch and dinner as well as boat trips through the port.

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