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The most circular bicycle wheels

The sustainability and the circularity are one of the great challenges of entrepreneurs. Many companies have it more and more clear and, for this reason, they are increasingly looking for the best way to be friendly with the environment. In the case of Riu a l’Ebrea sustainable tourism company from Deltebre created by Maria José Vergés and Juan Franchhas chosen to sell bicycle bags made from the rubber of wheels that can no longer be used for displacement.

“There is a time of year when, here in the Delta de l’Ebre, bikes get punctured more. We had a large quantity and we thought we should do something with them”, explains Vergés, who in his day to day offers a sustainable tourism proposal based on the rental of bicycles and kayaks to discover the Delta de l’Ebre. «Bicycles are very ecological, but there is a part that is not so much and that is the generation of waste, as is the case with wheels, which are no longer useful. Our idea is based on sustainability and avoiding further waste.”

Some of the products created by Deltebre entrepreneurs. Photo: Joan Revillas.

The circular economy proposal offered by Riu a l’Ebre are the bag bikesome bags made from the inner tube with lining, pockets and straps that allow it to be worn hanging and attached to the bike. For its creation and following this same idea of ​​sustainability, so linked to proximity, the company contacted Tanit Ateliera brand, also from Deltebre, that works mainly with leather to create bags, belts and various clothing items.

Rosanna Fosch, its creator, has the necessary machinery for the manufacture of thick fabrics and got down to work using the clean and cut material provided by the company to recycle. “First we remove the valves and cut. We cleaned the material in hot water and hung it to dry.

“The idea stems from sustainability and wanting to avoid further waste”

Then we took it to Rosanna and she sewed a first piece. From the beginning we were clear that it had to be a bag that could be hooked to the bicycle to store the essentials, such as water or sunglasses, “explains the director. Once finished, the next thing was to move it between different cycling associations to make it known and analyze the product and its functionality..

The entrepreneurs saw their initiative rewarded at the Jordi Cartanyà Tourism Awards 2021 in the category of ‘Best innovative and creative proposal that contributes to sustainable tourism development’. Vergés celebrates this achievement, since “it has given a first impulse to the sale of the product, we are very happy with where we have arrived” and adds that “during these ten years we have also seen many people pass through here, both from here and from other countries”.

In this regard, he says that “although it was difficult at first, we have become a consolidated company within a sector where the Administration does not make it easy. We have I work all year Y in summer we can expand the staff and be seven people. We think that companies should have a good objective for themselves, for the client and for the territory and with this project and the work of these years we have achieved it». With the idea of ​​continuing to work towards these objectives, on the BagBike, indicates that «we want to do more things in the future, but everything related to the bicycle. The idea is to do more, although it is not simple, nor fast, nor easy».

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