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The Mossos who killed the terrorists in Cambrils denounce the Government

The four mossos d’esquadra who killed the terrorists who perpetrated the 17A attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils (Tarragona) They have filed a lawsuit to demand that the Generalitat compensate them with 1.2 million in total for the psychological consequences they suffered.

The lawsuit has been filed with the contentious courts of Barcelona after the Department of the Interior denied them, due to administrative silence, the compensation they requested last December.

The agents, who were recognized as victims of terrorism by the Ministry of the Interior, have different psychological consequences – which in the case of one of the police officers has led to the declaration of his permanent incapacity to practice his profession – after shooting to the members of the terrorist cell.

The plaintiffs are two agents who killed the five terrorists who broke into the seafront promenade on the night of 17A. Cambrils (Tarragona)where they fatally ran over a woman, and two others that days later shot down Younes Abbouyakoub, the terrorist who fled after fatally running over 14 people on the Ramblas, in Subirats (Barcelona).

The lawsuit, which is brought forward today by the newspaper “El País”, states that the agents suffered injuries and consequences as a result of their actions and the “traumatic event” they experienced, mainly severe post-traumatic stress and acute reaction to stress, for which they came to be months off.

Specifically, the lawyer for the agents, José Antonio Bitos, from the USPAC union, demands compensation for the damages suffered by the police officers and for which they cannot be compensated by the perpetrators of the attacks, given that all of them have died and only other survivors of the cell not related to the Cambrils and Barcelona attacks were sentenced.

This situation, maintains the lawyer, “cannot entail the frustration of full compensation for the damage suffered by the agent of the authority”, since it is the “citizenship” whom the police officers serve who must assume it, “as a direct consequence to the protection that society receives in return.

The lawsuit refers to a Supreme Court ruling that recognizes that officials who suffer injuries or damages in the act of service must be compensated and to an instruction that the General Directorate of the Police of the Generalitat approved in February 2022 in the same sense.

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