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The moment of truth

The key moment of the season has arrived for CF Montblanc. The most important matches of the course remain to be played, which will decide the future of the entity. A ‘recently’ promoted who finished the first phase with good feelings, being in the upper middle part of the classification and who is now struggling to achieve salvation. Just in quotes, because this is his first official season in the Second Catalan.

The Conca de Barbarà club achieved promotion in 2018-19, but the pandemic has not allowed them to compete normally until this season. The joy caused by moving up a category has been overshadowed in recent years by the difficult situation that the entity has had to live through, especially economically. Even so, they are facing the season with the greatest possible enthusiasm and are willing to fight until the last day to achieve their goal.

“Due to the disastrous format of the Second Catalana, now that we are competing to save the category, everything we did in the first phase has been useless and despite having been in a good position now the points we got are not worth it, “he claims. the president of CF Montblanc, Antonio González.

They are in the group of five teams, from which two descend. Currently, they are in fourth place, but there is practically the entire second round to play and the league is very tight.

CF Camarles and CF La Sénia have it very well on track to achieve salvation, while Bonavista have not yet managed to score. Therefore, a priori, that last place, which has permanence as a prize, will be closely contested between CD Morell and CF Montblanc.

Achieving this goal would be a great gift for Antonio González, who has just been renewed as president of the club for the next four years. “I value these 6 years very positively with all the work we have done since the meeting, I think we give ourselves a pass”, he confesses. Although that note can fall short seeing everything that these last campaigns have achieved. When the board entered, “the club did not breathe very good health”, a situation that has been able to improve. González acknowledges that “we have grown a lot, in the school there were about 60 children and now we have more than 150; In addition, we have created two women’s teams and a subsidiary that plays in Fourth Catalan”.

revolution on campus

As far as the first team is concerned, the board managed to revolutionize a group of players that was adrift and without a coach. Three seasons were enough for the club to achieve the dream promotion to Second Catalan. “We are an amateur team and this season’s block is practically the same one that achieved promotion,” explains the club’s top leader. As usual, there have been a couple of incorporations, but all have been players from Montblanc or from surrounding towns: «Our priority is to compete with those from home. What we want is to move with people from the school, this year we have recovered two players who left when they were children and who have now decided to return.

Despite being aware of how hard it will be to stay, everyone is in very good spirits and wanting to get something positive in the remaining days. “Now that I have started my second term, I would be very excited to continue in the Second Division, establish ourselves in the category, have an identity and seek the harmony of the club; this would help us to be able to move forward”, comments Antonio González.

In a club where people move for feeling and not for money, it is guaranteed that from the first to the last they will give everything to get the best for the future CF Montblanc.

Luck is a variable that can tip the balance in any football match. They say you have to look for it, but sometimes not even making the maximum effort to put it on your side you get it. It is a factor that can determine the future of a team, either positively or negatively.

For CF Camarles, that bit of fortune has appeared at the most important moment of the season. “During the first phase of the league luck was not on our side, but it seems that in this second phase we have found it,” acknowledges the entity’s president, José Bertomeu. And it is that the injuries did not allow to show all the potential that the squad has during the first months of the competition.

«What we were looking for was to finish the first part of the league as we could, keep the block united and reach the permanence phase as strong as possible. We managed to recover all the players that we had injured and those who were on the verge of suspension also arrived clean of cards, so that they could not penalize us later, ”explains the top manager of CF Camarles. The perfect circumstances have arisen to cause a change in dynamics within the squad.

Although it is fair to say that, despite being in penultimate position at the end of the first phase, the results are a bit misleading, since the Terres de l’Ebre group in the Second Catalana has been very tight.

In fact, if they had achieved a victory on the last day, the Baix Ebre team would have climbed several positions, remaining relatively close to the promotion playoff positions.

At the beginning of the season, the board set permanence as the main objective of the first team: «With this format in which there are so many relegations and very few teams fighting for promotion, our intention was to finish in the top three. Not to go up, because we believe that today First Division would be great for us, but for the prize of achieving salvation without having to play the league that we play now. CF Camarles has been a member of the Second Catalan Division for many seasons and has become a classic in the category.

Continuity to the block

To achieve this, they tried to form a very competitive squad: “As last year we decided to compete, we managed to keep the block this season, we only had to make 3 or 4 signings to replace the departure of some players.”

Bertomeu wanted to highlight the great work done by the coach, Alberto López, when it came to reinforcing the team and putting the pieces together during the preseason. In addition to reversing the situation and improving the results in this second section. On the other hand, the president also wanted to highlight the great help that having a subsidiary has meant, which is playing a great role in the Fourth Catalan: «We are taking on a player when we need it and they are helping us to get promotion, we hope that next year we can incorporate some of them into the discipline of the first team.

The directive values ​​very positively that the team is showing its face. After playing the first round of the permanence phase, the Baix Ebre team is in first position with 10 points.

Currently, CF Montblanc is the one who marks the relegation position with 4. “We have had very good results and we are undefeated, being in this group of five teams from which two are relegated, I think we have it very well on track.”

Unless everything turns against us and luck stops following us again, everything seems to indicate that CF Camarles will be able to certify salvation before reaching the last day of the championship.

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