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The Junior Spanish Cup lands in La Canonja

Today La Canonja hosts the VI Trofeu 15 D´Abril, already a classic appointment of a Cofidis Junior Spanish Cup that celebrates its second test this weekend after the initial one held in Don Benito.

The participating juniors will have to face 113 kilometres, starting and finishing in La Canonja, structured in a more bearable first fifty kilometers to later link three mountainous stumbling blocks that can be decisive for the final outcome: Coll de la Teixeta (7 km. – 4.2%), Coll de Porrera (3.3 km. – 7.1%) and Coll d´Alforja (4.7 km. – 4.8%); from there to the end favorable terrain to seek the long-awaited victory.

Pablo Lospitao (Electromercantil – GR-100) arrives at the appointment as circuit leader, who won the Guadiana Circuit ahead of Daniel Cepa (Infinobras-Zafiro Team Calpe) and Pedro Cámara (Saxun-Extrusax-Primoti).

On the other hand, the TEAM MP Group, also known as the Campoclaro Cycling Club, runs the XI Clásica de Valladolid this Sunday in a test corresponding to the absolute Spanish Cup.

The Ponent team has announced its call for tomorrow’s event in which it will have as runners: Aleix Saumell, Joan Pazos, David Ramón, Adrià Tortosa, Pol Mulet, Vlas Shichkin and Viacheslav Ivanov, the latter two Russian cyclists who now race with the Campoclaro team.

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