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The innovative system that with a simple update would convert diesels into ecological cars

Innovation and development is a fundamental element to guarantee the arrival of sustainable mobility. Proof of this is the latest finding echoed by El Confidencial. According to research carried out by researcher Carrie Hall, a professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, there would be a novel system that, with a simple update, would convert diesels into ecological cars. How would it be possible? Keep reading!

This researcher has found a simple and cheap way to modify diesel engines so that they are compatible with other types of fuel, including biofuels. What would it take? The system requires hardly any investment for drivers, using it is as simple as updating the vehicle’s ‘software’, as long as it allows it.

Currently, car engines are adapted for a specific fuel. But what if this ceased to be so? The researcher has found a way to know in detail how the fuel behaves inside a diesel engine. To do this, she has used the information offered by the sensors that modern cars carry using neural networks and artificial intelligence.

All this study has generated an easily modifiable structure that allows the vehicle to be adapted to different types of fuel. With this option, only some parameters of the model that correspond to the measurable properties of the fuels would have to be updated.

Smart engines to tackle sustainable mobility

“Making engines smart enough to use a wider range of fuels also opens the door to other possibilities, such as using carbon-neutral or carbon-negative fuels. Since we are talking about a software update, anyone can put it in their vehicle without incurring too many additional costs. They’re not really going to have to change the ‘hardware’ on their vehicle,” says Hall.

There are already many voices that affirm that only with electric vehicles the environmental objectives will not be achieved. Finding alternative sources of fuel is key to meeting the goals set forth in international legislation.

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