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The incredible irresponsibility of ERC | Tarragona Newspaper

«How many pressupostàries parties are worth the meva llibertat?». It will be the answer, senseless, absolutely clarifying from the general secretary of the ERC, Marta Rovira, in 2019 in an interview with the journalist who asked about the vote of the seu party in relation to the social budgets of the Government of President Pedro Sánchez.

Clearly irritated as she escorted the interviewer, remembering that despite the approval of the comptes s’apujarien the pensions, if they increased the parties in education and in health, or that it is possible to nurture our public social services, Mrs. Rovira is going to add this dignified phrase , certament, d’una anthologia: «how many parties val la meva llibertat?»

Mai, mai to the history of Catalonia, we have escorted a leader of a political party whose national intention is to subordinate the common good of the citizenry as a whole to the severe personal procedural situation. May. One thing, legitimately, to disagree or refute some assumptions considering that they are not good for citizenship, or that they are great, but to share the continguts (because remember that afterward the ERC has voted in favor of the budgets of the Government of Pedro Sánchez) but to rebut them depending on the interests of a single person, it is unusual. I remember the result of this, diguem-ne, political logic: the independentists, together with the PP and Citizens, will take the budgets which will force them to vote for elections with the subsequent risk that the right and the extreme right arrives to the power.

Mai, mai to the history of Catalonia, we have escorted a leader of a political party whose national intention is to subordinate the common good of the citizenry as a whole to the severe personal procedural situation. Mai

I have remembered this response, sadly, this week when ERC is going to decide to vote against the package of social measures promoted by the Government of progress to help people, by foot, in these moments of difficulties caused by the war in Ukraine. Així, veiem com un partit that affirms to be d’esquerres (and that només ho diu, but sovint es posa com a exemple) votes against: abaixar els preus dels carburants (yes, yes, of what and cost menys diners omplify the deposit of your vehicle), lower the VAT on electricity, limit the bid on the convertible, increase the amounts of the minimum vital income, prevent our access to the social bo that allows many families to be able to pay the light, withdraw you help the carriers, etc. Is ERC against these concrete measures? I do not know why they are not going to say anything about the question, what we do know is that they are “very angry” for a presumed espionatge and, davant d’això, the satisfaction of the real needs of the common mortals on the street (also of the people who fins ara els ha votat) els represents, exactly, a zero to the left. They are “molt enfadats” i punt, that the people do perdut totes ajudes them that I have exposat abans, but to them, they remained competitive on the coast of Això. It is almost possible to evoke the declaration of Mrs. Rovira: “How many parties are there for meva llibertat?” It is, tot plegat, of an incredible political irresponsibility, unbecoming of a party that is the government’s diu.
And not least, it is the second time in a row that the CUP, ERC and the unconditional supporters of Mr. Puigdemont vote «no» to a measure of the high social calatge together with the PP and Vox. The second time in a row… The first time they will vote against the labor reform, the one you do is supposed to maintain the reform promoted in 2012 by someone as sensitive to the rights of the workers as Mr. Rato. Doncs are going to vote “no” to approve a reform that comptava amb the explicit support of the representative unions, precisely, of the workers (tot and that the face of Mr. Rufián mente felt the crits d’enthusiasme of the deputies of Vox quan in a principle semblava that the dreta s’havia sortit amb la seva mereixeria, sure, appear in the wax museum). Doncs are going to vote no, potser aleshores must also be “molt enfadats”. When one is in politics, he is here to improve people’s lives and to transform reality, not to analyze the status of the people or to talk. No ho oblidem quan convoquin noves eleccions.

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