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The Igualada rapist abused his 7-year-old sister and mistreated his ex-partner

The young Bolivian who was arrested last Thursday as the alleged perpetrator of the brutal rape of a 16-year-old girl in Igualada (Barcelona), on Halloween night last year, also sexually abused his seven-year-old sister and was denounced by his ex-partner for ill-treatment.

These are the monstrous criminal records of the alleged aggressor, who was denounced by his own mother, who kicked him out of the home after abusing his sister. The girl told at home that her older brother was abusing her. After leaving the family home, she settled alone in Igualada, where she perpetrated the crime that has shocked Catalan society. To the point that the celebration this Friday of the day of the Mossos, with the participation of the president of the Generalitat and the Minister of the Interior, was marked by the arrest by the Catalan Police of the alleged perpetrator of the savage attack.

Nearly one hundred Mossos agents participated in the investigative work for five and a half months that led to his arrest and being brought before the judge. His statement in court was scheduled for this Friday afternoon or throughout Saturday. End of the nightmare The mother of the victim requested this Friday the maximum sentence against the alleged rapist, which could add the penalties of sexual assault and attempted murder.

“Part of the nightmare has ended,” said the mother on TV3 after the arrest of the alleged rapist. Her daughter was savagely raped and assaulted with a metal bar on Halloween night, after partying with her friends. She spent two months in the ICU due to a skull fracture and tears in the anus and vagina. The severity of her assault has left her with lifelong sequelae and she will have to wear hearing aids due to almost 90% hearing loss in one ear. In five and a half months, she has gone through the operating room five times. As much as possible, she tries to rebuild her life, resume her classes and look forward.

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