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The hiking practice is linked to the training

Training in hiking practice is essential. Així ho defense the president of l’Associació Excursionista Catalunya (AEC) of Reus, Guifré Porqueres. He explains that the practitioners, having started with a group of friends or per lliure, “have to be aware of the severe limitations, with a good team and physical preparation”. The AEC, organized in sections, has a great diversity of members: «There is a more classic profile, for dir-ho així, people who provide the weekend cap for excursions and, from other bands, força young people who are to the Grup d’Escalada i Alta Muntanya (GEAM), section of the entity in constant formation».

Porqueres reviews a pile of activities that fans of the group: a long road climbing course, sport climbing and a special esment to an annual technical day in which they learn to look at victims of allaus. «Fa between sis i vuit anys que la fem, la practicam al lloc, tot emprant specific material to try and treure the affected person of the neu i ho cronometrem tot. A cop trobada the person, lime uncover-li them vies respiratòries i col·locar-li the thermal blanket; she cal rebre la formació tant si ja la coneixíem com si volem recycle el nostre aprenentatge. We work on the efficiency of these approaches, because they can be expected to minimize the risk of patir seqüeles », she completes. She indicates that it is important that these trainings make them specialized professionals. He, for example, is Ski Instructor of Muntanya of the Escola Catalana d’Alta Muntanya (ECAM).

One of the formations dutes to terme des l’entitat is one d’autorescat en l’climbing. “If two people are going to climb and the one from Davant has remained unconscious for a moment, it is fundamental to know how to act,” he argued. He remarks that the mountain clubs spread fan, adviser and fan accompaniment. L’excursionisme, he said, goes beyond sports: «It is a landscape, botanical, cultural, patrimonial and geological treasure, but it is also a social and self-improvement part».

25 years after the Reus-Prades-Reus walk

L’AEC celebrates ephemeride enguany. Is that the Reus-Prades-Reus walk that organizes up to 25 years. This marxa will last on June 5 and is included in the 2022 Circuit Català de Caminades de Resistència, with a route of 54,800 km and a cumulative drop of 2,950m. The departure and arrival location will be Plaça de la Llibertat de Reus, departure time at 7 am. and the arrival limit time is 10 pm.

As a newcomer, there will be a short walk of 35,100 km and a cumulative drop of 1,050m. The departure and arrival point will be the Plaça del Mercadal de Reus and the route will end at the Mussara. This one opted for a limit of registrations –100– and the hours are the same as in the previous case. More information on the website

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