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The ‘Head Coach’ Widinger already directs the Dragons in Reus

The boss is at home. Andrew Weidinger, head coach of the Barcelona Dragons, landed in Reus last weekend to take charge of the team. The head coach (HC) from Arizona (United States) who has followed the evolution of the green squad at the Training Camp from a distance, has four intense weeks of work ahead of him to display his ‘playbook’ before the ‘Dragon’ debut against Stuttgart Surge, on June 5 in the German city with which the second season of the European League of Football (EFL) will begin.
Weidinger will bring to the Reus franchise all the experience gained during his years in the NFL and college football (NCAA), as well as his season in the German League (GFL). This time it will be completely different for the Phoenix coach.

On this occasion, for the first time in his career, he assumes the task of being the head of the team. A role that he has begun to develop since this Monday when he directed his first session. A first meeting at the sports facilities of the Estadi Municipal de Reus, headquarters of the Barcelona Dragons, and in which he outlined the principles that will guide the Dragons while he is in charge. Commit to learning from your mistakes, commit to learning from the mistakes of your peers. This is the way you improve, how we improve, “said the coach to the entire squad.

For the American “the goal is not to win, if we improve, if each one of us improves individually, then we improve as a team and I promise you that what we have to achieve on Saturday or Sunday will happen.”

Weidinger has been in professional football for years. He understands the hardship involved in participating in this sport and warned his players about it: “This is professional football. It’s hard to think about professional football at all times. But this roster (template) is not definitive. There will be guys who will come and who will go. Such is life in professional football. Before we start the season there will be new faces and some will be gone. Do everything in your power not to be the boy who leaves here.

more new faces
Head Coach Dragon wasn’t the only new face the team had this week. Along with Weidinger, defensive coordinator Gabriel Sánchez and receiver Kyle Sweet landed in Reus this week.

The player from Rancho Sant Margarita (California) is, along with Zach Edwards, quarterback, and Giorgio Tavecchio, shooter, one of the theoretical mainstays of the Reus team this season. A player trained in the Washington State Cougars of the NCAA who should take over from Jean Constant, the best receiver in the league last season -the only one who managed to exceed 1,000 yards- and who signed with the Hamburg Devils in the post-season .

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