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The Guàrdia Urbana wants to promote quality nightlife in Reus

The Guàrdia Urbana has launched a campaign to promote quality nightlife in Reus, as a result of the meetings held by the Councilor for Security, Coexistence and Civisme with businessmen from the sector.

The campaign seeks to prevent and resume uncivil conduct in the nightlife environment with two lines of action: monitoring, control and reporting of uncivil acts, and dissemination and awareness.

The main objectives of the campaign, which emerged from the meetings with businessmen in the sector, are: Maintain a safer and more quality nightlife offer; minimize neighborhood nuisances; remember the obligations, increase the synergies between the city council and the nightlife business community; and coordination between nightlife venues and security forces to identify and address uncivil conduct.

The campaign, which began to be deployed in April, consists of the following actions:

– Reinforcement of the service at night, on Fridays, Saturdays and holiday vigils. The number of patrols, uniformed and plainclothes, that carry out tasks of prevention and reporting of infractions generated by people who do not respect neighborhood rest or who carry out acts of incivility is increased.

– Drug and alcohol controls carried out by traffic patrols.

– Controls of concentrations of people who go out of the premises to chat or smoke and who raise their tone of voice, disturbing the neighbors.

– Control of the schedules to achieve the closure on time in an orderly, fast and safe manner, in addition to the cleaning of the immediate environment by the establishments at the end of the activity.

At the closing time of the premises, the location of patrols has been worked on at the points where the most important concentrations of people have been detected at the time of the closing of the premises, which allows an orderly control and a more fluid exit of the clients. .

For the execution of this service, the participation of members of the Mossos d’Esquadra body is essential.

In a second phase of the campaign, the Guàrdia Urbana will carry out outreach and awareness actions, with the collaboration of businessmen in the sector.

In the next few days, the campaign will be presented, which consists of stickers, posters and other elements of dissemination through different channels and from the same establishments, which contain awareness messages.

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