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The Generalitat withdraws the Plan Director Urbanístic de l’Alt Camp

Marxa enrere of the Generalitat in the Plan Director Urbanístic (PDU) of l’Alt Camp, will present for a month to Vila-rodona. The project is not going to end, as the mayor of Valls, Dolors Farré, has explained this late, after meeting-he killed Barcelona -together with the three mayors of the other affected municipalities- and representatives of the Department of Territory. The theme is going to focus on the municipal plenary session of this afternoon in Valls, on the desire to see people from the Baiona party have attended the plenary hall and others are going to concentrate on the Plaça del Blat.

Farré has explained that last week, the department will convene a meeting for this matter. On behalf of the Generalitat, among others, have attended Ricard Font, General Secretary of the Vice Presidency; Albert Civit, director of the l’Institut Català del Sòl (Incasòl) and Agustí Serra, director general d’Ordenació Territorial.

“The PDU will not throw away” in a global way, Farré has stated, “what is far is to agree or look at the needs of each municipality and that follows here who said with vol growth industrially”.

The mayor, who is very satisfied with the news, will admit that Valls lacks only industry, “but despite the growth that we will make to the northern part of the current estate, with 66 hectares, we already have enough.”

Farré rules out that the contrary position of the City Council and of the seu in particular has been motivated by the criticisms raised against the PDU by different col lectius: “I have always said that this municipal government and I have not acted by pressures but by convictions “.

He recalled that on the day of the presentation of the plan to Vila-rodona they will see the final document and the calendar of the posada in Marx, “we are going to study the calls to the funds and the effects that it would have and the supply. It will be when the other mayors are going to summon” to show the disagreement with the project. “Valls don’t need PDUs.” At the time, he thanked the Generalitat for its predisposition to withdraw the project.

Now, each municipality will review the feasibility and opportunity of the urban development of the economic activity of its territory. It was already known that in the case of Valls it is not developed.

the project

The Urban Director Plan (PDU) affected 3,746.15 hectares of the triangle format per Valls, the Pla de Santa Maria i Vila-rodona -amb una petita part al terme d’Alió-, and the Generalitat will allocate 835 hectares to attract companies that They need lots of lots, lots of acres, for logistics.

This PDU was limited by the AP-2 motorway to the north, the C-37 to the west and the C-51 to the south. It is one of the quatre that is processed in Catalonia. It is not only the industrial area that is foreseen, but also the spaces to be protected. Of the 3,746 hectares, 1,961 is destined for the sole protection of environmental and landscape values. The remainder will be for the existing road system, technical services, equipment and industries.

The plan foresaw three locations. The largest is the area of ​​the Valls intermodal platform, at the east of the current industrial estate. It includes 450 hectares, 290 of which are for economic activity -including 30 for the station- and 160 for public services.

The second location is l’àmbit Planes del Guardià, to the west of the Polígons de les Planes de la Serra i de Bràfim-Alió. It occupies 330 hectares, of which 215 are for economic activity and 115 for public systems. And finally hi there are 55 of the area of ​​Pla de Santa Maria, of which 45 are zone of economic activity.

In the southern area, in the old aviation camp of Valls -on the coast of the C-51 road, which goes to Cap Alió- hi, 30 hectares have been allocated initially for the future intermodal merchandise station, with the trains they will be able to carry the generate to qualsevol lloc.

Finally, a photovoltaic park for energy generation was also planned. The Catalan Institute of the Sòl (Incasòl) has formalized the award of the tender for the purpose of converting 170 hectares of undeveloped land to install the plates in the Garriga Gran del Pla de Santa Maria.

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