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The Generalitat investigates yesterday’s bad smell in Ponent

“Even behind closed doors, the smell of gas is coming into our homes. Això is a horror. It is unbearable. Somebody give us an explanation now. That’s how angry Jordi Miró was yesterday, a resident of Torreforta who, desperate, ended up calling the Diari. Like him, the Tarragonans are great who carry for a couple of days enduring some strong odors of unknown origin. Since this episode of bad odors will begin, the 112 has rebutted more than 80 tricks denouncing the fets. For the second part, the Center for Operational Coordination of Catalonia (CECAT) activated yesterday the environmental control technician and, at the time of this edition, the organization faces no localization of the origin of the stench.

Most of the calls received by 112 came from the Ponent neighborhoods –especially Torreforta and Campclar–, and from the surroundings of the Francolí industrial estate. One of the complainants, Pedro Castro, is the owner of a vehicle repair company in the park. «The smell that fa is exaggerated. I don’t know if it’s gas or sewage. The truth is that it happens from time to time, but this week it is being horrendous”, explained Castro, who assured that “this smell is so strong that even tinges without headaches. The same thing happens to my son.” Yesterday morning, no treballava in the polygon. Everyone was looking for a way for someone to do homework.

From the addresses of some educational centers in the neighborhoods of Ponent they assure that the bad smell has intensified in the last few days, and that, especially this week, «the kids, when they came back from the patio, they have commented on the teacher ». they say.

unknown origin

Alertat per tants trucades i denúncies, the Operational Coordination Center of Catalonia (CECAT) –which is responsible for the good management and coordination of the different emergency services, such as Civil Protection and Bombers–, is responsible for the work and It will start the usual protocol in these cases. Once the odor was detected, the first thing the organization was going to do was activate the environmental control technician, which is going to take the measurements for the duration of the term. According to sources from the Department of Climate Action of the Generalitat, the result is going to be that the measures “are based on the expected parameters. Nothing outside of the normals ». Next, the organization is in contact with all the companies around the Francolí industrial estate, with the Guàrdia Urbana and with the Port of Tarragona. «In cap cas no s’ha registrat cap incidència that could donate beginning to an episode of bad smells», explained yesterday from l’executiu català. Amb allaquesta informació, assured that “the origin of the stench could not be located.”

Chemistry, discarded

Coincidences of life, just last week, Repsol informed through the social reports, that at the facilities of the Polígon Sud, “episodes of smell of gas could occur, as a consequence of some maintenance tasks, that would be extended until 25 ». Yesterday, the sources of the company assured this newspaper that the work had finished last Monday, so the origin of the odor is not localized to the seves installations.

For the other part, the employers of the chemical companies of Tarragona, the AEQT, ruled out yesterday that the cap of the seven associated companies had not registered a cap incident during the last few days, thus ruling out the relationship between the bad smell and the chemical industry .

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