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The Generalitat and the Federació de Veïns de Llevant reject Boscos’ ‘no’ in the consultation of the Ciutat de Repòs

The Generalitat de Catalunya and the Federation of Veïns de Llevant reject the result of the consultation on the Ciutat de Repòs carried out this past Saturday by the Associació de Veïns de Boscos. The referendum recorded a 95% of votes against the project announced last March by the Minister of Social Rights, Violant Cervera (Junts)so that the campus has a youth hostel with attention to emotional health, after an investment of fifteen million euros before 2026.

Altogether, they were 677 people who participated the day before yesterday in the neighborhood initiative, of which 647 showed their opposition to the question that was put into the fray: «Do I agree that the Ciutat de Repòs i Vacances can welcome, integrate, supervise and train minors with a psycho-social risk factor?». By contrast, they were 30 the support that the issue had, which was not to the liking of the Tarragona Government Delegation or the neighborhood federation of the Llevant area.

In fact, sources from the regional executive criticize that “the referendum was carried out based on a question about a fact that the project announced by Social Rights does not contemplate”, as it is that the site is intended to train minors with a psycho-social risk factor. Likewise, from the Generalitat it is highlighted that, after the appearance before the media two months ago, «the project was explained to the neighborhood associations in a meeting with the mayor and the delegate of the Government, and they all understood it and applauded their kindnesses, with the exception of Boscos. They have the open doors of Drets Socials to talk again whenever they want, “they add.

Despite the 95% of the “no”, the autonomous corporation does not consider now throwing back the plan, which will be financed with the 37% of the 40 million that the Department of Joventut has received from European funds Next Generation. “We demand responsibility from the neighborhood charges. It is not lawful to lie and unfoundedly spread rumors without any foundation, and even less to try to generate social alarm without any rigor, ”add the sources of the Delegation of the Government of Tarragona consulted by the Diari.

Along the same lines, the vice-president of the Federació de Veïns de Llevant, Joseph Maria Bertranwho is also the president of the Associació de Veïns de la Vall de l’Arrabassada. «We completely disassociate ourselves from this consultation and, above all, from the questions that make it up of a xenophobic nature. I believe that the representatives do not play fair and have not explained the real project to their neighborhood”, indicates Bertran.

In March, the president of the Federation, Gemma Fuste, already indicated that the project «is a great social initiative, very ambitious and in a beautiful setting. It can be very good for the city. Now, Bertran endorses this opinion and regrets that “the political color behind this consultation is becoming clearer, even though they are not in favor of referendums”, and adds that “if the question was the consultation, it should have been opened to the whole city”.

Commissions now up and running
For his part, the president of the Associació de Veïns de Boscos –Josep Sole– yesterday described the result of Saturday as “extraordinary success”. “There were people who believed that you could vote until 8, but we closed at 7. Now we know that the association is the transmission belt of the neighborhood with this issue,” says the leader, who claims to have the “constancy” that in the Ciutat de Repòs there will be ores “because that is what the mayor in a video conference december 2019».

Now, the neighborhood entity will launch several commissions to monitor the result of the consultation. “We will analyze the alternative that we propose to the project, and we will make a call so that those who are in favor of the project integrate the Ore into their homes,” says Solé, who does not rule out “mobilizations or roadblocks» if the Government does not renegotiate the Ciutat de Repòs project.

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