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The futur solar park with 108,675 panels of Cabra del Camp rep 24 al·legacions

A total of 24 delegations have presented the photovoltaic solar plant project that the company Merlot Solar SL will install in the municipal terme of Cabra del Camp. It would occupy an area of ​​87.5 hectares, with more than 108,000 solar panels. Now, the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda will have to analyze the allegations here with also the five mandatory reports of the corresponding organisms. In case of donating the vistiplau, the City Council has pointed out that it will donate support to the initiative.

The project is going to be released to the public at the beginning of December 2021. Of the 24 appeals presented, some refer to environmental issues, mainly on flora and fauna. «The 95 per cent of the conreus are of great, and the rest some ammetlles and pins solts», emphasize the Diari els regidors d’Urbanisme i de Seguretat Ciudadana, Miguel Castañón and Andreu Ferré. With respect to the affectation to a pair of the cuabarrada league, they say that it is not affected since the nesting area is next to the park.

The first query

On October 9, 2020, the company will present a consultation on the viability of the emplacement of this plant at the Cabra del Camp terme. The supply is 87.5 hectares, distributed in two islands: one is at the entrance to the Mas del Plata urbanization, on the left side, while the other is on the outskirts of the Can Rui urbanization, on hi there was an old perdius farm. Tot està dins el terme de Cabra. Arabé, in the project there are three more municipal termes affected: Pla de Santa Maria, Alió and Puigpelat. For these municipalities the high voltage line would pass from the fins solar park to the Puigpelat transformer station. The best part of the traçat would be aeri –vuit quilòmetres–, menys in the final tram, which would be underground –500 metres–.

In the initial proposal, it is foreseen 111,105 solar panels, all of which are finally 108,675. The lands on es col·locaran are privately owned, and the company will lease them. The plant will also include a control room and offices, a magatzem, an access control booth, a parking area and a camera surveillance system. On December 28, 2020, the Ponència d’Energies Renovables will issue a favorable report on the viability of the location of the solar plant, since the initial proposal is not adequate to the criteria and objectives established in the Decree Llei de the Generalitat.

the reports

The report of the municipal technician will be positive “and whenever the remainder continues to be favorable, for the current government team there has been no problem in disposing of the project”, said Castañón. Per això, he assures that if the Generalitat donates the vitiplau, they do too.

The councilor recalls that in the contacts that they will have with the company, they will determine the number of points that they have to change, for example, that the complex does not work, except for some booths with machinery. «They are also going to accept that whenever possible, the ma d’work would look for Cabra del Camp». The construction of the park will suppose the creation of 200 direct treballs. Once it came into operation, a total of two labor blocks are planned for 25 years -three direct and indirect set-, which will form part of a maintenance brigade, people who will also try to keep them from the municipality, on the taxa d’atur stands at 20 per cent.

The two councilors point out that some who are now showing opposition to the initiative are the ones who have offered land to another company.

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