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The Festa del Mercat in Plaça d’Amposta recovers attendance

From May 19 to 22, Amposta will celebrate the XIV edition of the Festa del Mercat a la Plaça. After two editions adapted to the health situation, the festival will seek to recover normality and return to the full presence of previous years.

The atmosphere of the beginning of the 20th century will once again cover the streets of the Ciutat del Montsià at mid-May. The festival of historical re-enactment that recalls the transfer of the title from the city to the locality, tea enguany amb el comerç with a different theme and will offer many of the usual proposals in other editions. In this way, new gastronomic acts will be celebrated, such as the sopar a les fosques, one of the most popular activities of the festival, the dance and scenic arts shows, the historical routes or the recreations of the offices of the past century , among others. Inés Martí, Councilor for Culture and Historical Memory, highlights the planned activities, in detail that enguany «the festival had a very diverse and varied program with more than 145 activity hours. Hi haurà activitats of historical recreation, theater, concerts, jotes, itinerant spectacles or routes». To access in molts d’aquests actes it will be necessary to purchase a ticket that can be purchased from Dilluns 2 May.
D’altra banda, is also faran activities during the days before the party. The planned acts will complement the program and will donate to go deeper into the historical period, such as the case of the exhibitions at the Museu de les Terres de l’Ebre, which combine both initiatives and workshops, with the contest of showcases that will help to promote local trade.

Also noteworthy is the participation of an invited municipality that will help complement the portrait of the s. XX amb tradicions d’altres indrets de Catalunya, as usual. In Guanajuato and the municipality of Bages, Sant Vicenç de Castellet, will be present with the Ball de Gitanes during this edition that will maintain its expertise and that it will have some minimum changes in the programming, although some modifications have been foreseen. In the specific case of the popular jocs, these change from day to become part of the school schedule and the centers educatius also participate.
The councilor encourages people to participate in the festival by going to wear the clothing of the time and also encourages the old days, when most of the acts are celebrated, to decorate the balconies of the seves houses. For the seva banda, Adam Tomàs, mayor of Amposta, celebrates the recovery of the event explaining that “it is a festa de la ciutat per a la ciutat. It is built thanks to the participation of educational centers, businesses, local entities and people who participate individually.

inaugural proclamation
This XIV edition will have the trade as the protagonist. Aquest will be present throughout the party, which will begin with the address of Alicia Valldepérez, known as ‘the corset maker’ for being the owner of a lingerie store located on the Carrer Major coast. Valldepérez will represent in posant-se trading in the role of Conchita Recasens, wife of Ramón Chordà of the centennial botiga d’Amposta Casa Chordà.

New: Gots reutilitzables per activitats
The City Council, through the areas of Tourism and Foreign Promotion and Environmental Policies, has created some reusable items that will be offered in different events, the first of which will be the Festa del Mercat a la Plaça. Dealers in the area where the paradistes will be located, they will place three points on it, they will be able to buy the gots or acquire them on loan to exchange for a deposit at the price of 1 euro.

These glasses will have grafic elements of the municipality in the care of the local artist Hernan in H and in principle they will cost about 15,000 units. Regarding the project, which is supported by the Diputació de Tarragona, Tomàs affirms that it is an attractive and positive initiative for the environment, since it is a way “to avoid putting plastics into the environment”.

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