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The farewell of the Naval Commander

On May 18, the delivery ceremony will be held at the Naval Command of Tarragona from the Commander of the Frigate Lorenzo Machado Alique to the Captain of the Frigate Juan Ruiz Pérez.

Naval Commander Lorenzo Machado has been at the head of the Naval Command for the last four years, during which he has been very active and participatory in institutional events in the province as well as in cultural and social ones, especially those organized by the Port and by the Provincial

During his time at the Naval Command, he has exhibited two naval-themed exhibitions open to the public, especially on weekends. The last exhibition that has been recently removed was for the commemoration of the 450th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Lepanto.

It also leaves as a legacy a permanent exhibition in the Comandancia of 42 paintings with nautical charts, plans and coastal projects of the Tarragona coast from the 18th and 19th centuries. This collection was requested from the Institute of Naval History and Culture, in Madrid, to be enjoyed by the citizens of Tarragona.

During the time he was in charge of the Command, the following Navy ships have visited us in the port of Tarragona; the aircraft carrier Juan Carlos I, the Navy’s flagship, the Frigate F-103 Blas de Lezo, the Acción Marítima Furor ship, the military logistics transport ships Camino Español, Martín Posadillo, and the recently acquired Ysabel, as well as the patrol boats Infanta Cristina, Formentor and Toralla, and the Schooner Arosa. In addition, on two occasions special naval warfare units of the Navy have come to carry out anti-terrorist exercises on the Casablanca Platform.

During these years, the Naval Commander has maintained a very good relationship with the nautical world, yacht clubs, sports marinas and diving clubs, assisting and collaborating in social and sports activities. He has also maintained an excellent relationship with the fishermen’s associations of the province, attending all the events that he has been invited to and sharing the concerns that have been raised.

For my part, I remember accompanying him to the prestigious Torres wineries, to the hundred-year-old Sarral cooperative winery and to the obligatory visit to the Poblet monastery, where I officially introduced him to the abbot, with whom we enjoyed pleasant after-meals as we returned together to the monastery to spend a few days following the fulfillment of the Benedictine rule.

For my part, I would like to thank personally and on behalf of many people, as I am aware, the attention we have had and the opportunity to experience endearing moments with the Navy, through the organized events. The Commander has shared with us many of the experiences that he has lived both in Spain and in other destinations in Europe, transmitting his affection, interest and admiration to our Navy.

Dear Commander, dear friend, thank you for everything you have communicated and taught. We wish you all the success as a sailor and all the luck as a person in your new destination.

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