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The ExpoEbre fair arrives with more than 200 exhibitors and more than 70 activities

The multisectoral fair of Tortosa, ExpoEbre, returns between April 28 and May 1, with more exhibitors (205) than the last pre-pandemic edition (175). The exhibition “agafa embranzida” amb moltes novelties, with the Ebretech technological space, with hi haurà proposals of robotics, artificial intelligence or virtual reality.

There is also a gastromarket area, the Taste & Fashion, with various food trucks and stalls selling products. Likewise, different musical concerts will take place among the more than 70 activities of the lleure, which is to complete the visits to the stands. In the presentation, the presence of an aerostatic balloon that will fly various captius vols amb the citizenry, some quants meters over Tortosa, has also been highlighted.

The fair area of ​​Expoebre increased by 3,000 square meters and the mayor Meritxell Roigé has highlighted that at the time of the march she had completed all the space of the fair.

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