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The experience of buying I saw Tarragona

The vi is one of the fruits derived from one of the main agricultural crops of the counties of Tarragona. Through the experiences of 24 international students of the European Master in Tourism Innovation, imparted by the Universities of Bordeus –França–, Porto –Portugal– and our URV, in various articles attached to the local botigues that they distribute.

Clot Martell, Ixart, 4.

The owner has been working for more than 25 years and in fa 10 managed by this celler. «The fet of being from Solivella to the Conca de Barbera, contributes to understand the deep connection between the local producers», considers the Argentinean Victoria Bravo. «He is the one who said in December the meu amic cellerer; the one who, according to my tastes, will donate an honest advice », she continues. «He speaks of the vi in ​​a simple and understandable way that shows the naturalness that this feina is for him, fins the punt that is part of his heart,» she concluded.

For the other band, North American Jessica Blanarik believes that «the treatment is so familiar that it makes you feel good and leads to a positive and enriching experience in buying life». The visit allowed me to enjoy “the owner’s passion for the estate complex, and I am going to feel more connected to these territories”, she expresses. The house also buys with its own label and produces products with a Penedesen enoleg.

Bodega Jordà, Jaume I, 3.

The Chinese Yue Chang has observed this establishment, and in detail the offer: «In blacks, more than half of the total, the Priorat, Ribera del Duero, Rioja and Terra Alta denominations stand out; I also offer international wines». Passa als blancs «from more than 10 wine regions, together with 125 different bottles. The main region is the Penedès, with a 40% prop. She follows both roses: «Obviously, in comparison with black and white, the quantity and variety of roses are much more petite: more than a twenty vials from a dozen regions». Jordà ho arrodoneix amb «a quarantine of vermouths and prop of 150 vials of liquors and liquor wines».

In this darrer àmbit, Russian Irina Kvitko lists «the most outstanding categories: anise (17), xerès (11), wine from Porto (10), fruits secs liqueurs (10), italian limoncello (7) i liqueurs d’arròs (6). A més, hi ha altres dolços vins de Catalunya». Irina described the space in the following terms: «the botiga sembla an old library, but enlloc de llibres, the client could find blisters of gairebé tots els racons del món. You really feel a certain connection between the wine cellar and the library».

Celler Rovira, Seville, 5.

With more than 26 years of existence, the fet that in this winery convisquin products of food with begudes, characteristic of this most traditional type of establishment, positively surprises the master’s students. «What is puguin to buy aperitius or ous al costat dels caldos fa that is generi an original experience; small and nice details that value the lovers and enthusiasts of the vi, and that turn the celler into the most authentic”, points out the Georgian Shota Natroshvili. «Although the owner does not speak English, he is a sensitive and communicative person».

For the Mexicà Iván Ramos it is important «the presence of proximity food with the coques de recapte, els carquinyolis or les neules». He was favorably surprised by “the great marques of DOQ Priorat, explained by the owner in a friendly and helpful manner, along with the survival of boats for the doll sale”. I also have a look at the Tarragoní Liquor and the Tarragoní Liquor Cream, of local character.

It is the torn of the Swedish Linnéa Jansson. «For me, this botiga de vins is molt més que això; I have arrived to represent Tarragona and Catalonia in a pure and easy way, both honestly and in a sense that I have made an effort to understand them». The visitor notes that “40% of the sales are made of cava” and she highlights this apartment in which her own label appears.

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