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The Escola Ciutat de Reus will close at the end of the academic year and Els Ganxets is preparing to move to its building

Escola Ciutat de Reus will close definitively when the current 2021-2022 academic year ends. In the center, which began to disappear a few years ago, only fifth and sixth grade students study. Sources from the Department of Education tell the Diari that “this is the last course” before the Ciutat de Reus disappears.

Its building will have to undergo works so that it can be occupied by the Escola Els Ganxets, which has accumulated a long journey trying to leave behind the barracks in which it is located on Passeig Nord. In this sense, the same sources specify that “also, once the course is over, the executive project will be available, which will have to be reviewed by the Department of Education and, when the review is over, it will be approved.” The works and the transfer itself are delayed compared to what was initially announced. The Generalitat prefers not to set a calendar because “the specification of the calendar will depend on the procedures subsequent to the approval of the project.”

According to data provided by the Reus City Council to this newspaper, a total of 12 boys and girls: five of them are in fifth year of Primary and the remaining seven, sixth. For this reason, when summer arrives, some of them will make the jump to Secondary but others will still have to complete sixth. Regarding the latter, the Councilor for Education, Daniel Recasens, specifies that “alternatives will be sought” in other schools and specifies that “it will not be done as a block, as a whole, but will be looked at case by case, taking into account the particularities of each student and each family, and seeing the group». “One less center is always a source of sadness but, in the end, an educational space is not lost, but another one that was still in a precarious point is consolidated,” he says.

A symbol for the neighborhood

Asked about the trajectory of the Escola Ciutat de Reus and the mark it has left on the Gaudí neighbourhood, the director of the school, Maria Lluïsa Barbarà, pointed out yesterday that «the school opened its doors at the beginning of the 70s, responding to the needs of the moment both in Reus and in the surrounding towns, and he is very close to turning 50″. “In this time,” she added, “different management teams and a large number of teachers and students have passed through” and “at the end of June, the school will close.” Barbarà stressed that “it has been a pleasure to be part of this community” and that “we have enjoyed and we have grown, we have learned and we have shared”. The Escola Ciutat de Reus “will continue to form part of the history of the Gaudí neighborhood and that of many people both in Reus and in the region”.

For her part, the president of the Associació de Veïns del Barrio Gaudí de Reus, Maria del Mar Escoda, recalled that the arrival of the school “was everything for the neighbourhood” and that there are many neighbors who “found friends there, lived together, shared or even families were formed. Now, “we are waiting for the Escola Els Ganxets to make its dream come true” and move to the building on Figueres street because “they told us that the space would not die”, says Escoda. The entity will receive Els Ganxets with open arms and asks that “the neighborhood continue to have a school” and that “the building does not remain empty”. She also hopes that the institute in the area will be strengthened.

As for Els Ganxets, Infrastructures of the Generalitat awarded in October 2021 the drafting of the project to trigger the transfer to the facilities of the Escola Ciutat de Reus, which will become vacant with its extinction. The contract was left in the hands of the Marta Adroer Puig & Rius Firm SLP & Sergi Serra Casals joint venture, for an amount of 264,876 euros, VAT included, and with a one-year margin to carry out the work. Although the first intention was that the move to offices on Figueres street would have been completed by the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year, the delay, conditioned by the suspension of contracting derived from Covid-19, did not allow it and it seems that it will force wait for 2023 or 2024 to finish.

In 2019, and within the framework of a whole package of interventions linked to schools, the Generalitat promised 2 million euros to materialize the move from Els Ganxets. The forecast is that the school maintains its training program intact. The beginning of the movements for the transfer is the result of the “yes” collected in a consultation between the families of the center promoted at the time by the AMPA.

Pre-registration and 360 vision

In parallel, school pre-registration was launched at the beginning of March, with two new P3 groups at the General Prim and Sant Bernat Calbó schools. Although the final offer will be published on June 9, Recasens advances that “it has gone as it should” and, in the case of Els Ganxets, “it has 19 requests in P3” so “the demand is at a very good level in relation to this center.

In general terms, “there is also a significant demand in Prat de la Riba and Teresa Miquel i Pàmies, and there would even be excess demand.” On the other hand, “always pending assignments, it seems that we would still have a series of vacancies and we are adjusting supply and demand quite a bit.” The two new groups of P3, “from the outset, are maintained.” In total, there has been an offer of 48 groups with a ratio of 15, 20 or 23 places. “We have put the focus on not closing groups, adjusting demand and holding output to 20,” he says. Recasens also underlines that “beyond what happens in numerical terms, we have a very active life in educational terms and the 360 ​​vision to connect the centers with what happens in the city”.

The last center of the city that is in prefabricated modules

«The Escola Els ganxets de Reus is the last in the municipality that houses its students entirely in prefabricated modules. Educació has always referred to its transfer as a “priority” intervention and has maintained that the school needs to come up with a “definitive solution” in terms of facilities as soon as possible.

The Councilor for Education, Daniel Recasens, adds that “I think there will be a moment of nostalgia towards the barracks or not so much towards them but towards the location itself, but it is true that the important thing is to determine when the transfer will be, how it will be, how will the school space end up materializing…». “Beyond the barracks, Els Ganxets is very powerful, it has had an extraordinary performance and has obtained maximum performance from the modules”, he concludes.

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