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The episode of heavy rains in Tarragona ends

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Civil Protection of the Generalitat has deactivated this noon the alert of the Special Emergency Plan for Floods of Catalonia (INUNCAT) once the intense rain episode has ended, especially in the south of Catalonia between yesterday and today.

The INUNCAT plan remains in a pre-alert situation because, as indicated by the Meteorological Service of Catalonia (SMC), it is expected that during today and until tomorrow morning the threshold of waves of more than 2.5 m (maregassa) with sea of eastern component fund in Alt and Baix Empordà.

As for the rain, it is expected that it will continue to rain throughout the day today but that representative thresholds will not be exceeded, neither in intensity nor in accumulation.

Regarding the recent rains, the following accumulation data has been recorded between yesterday morning and this morning:

Benissanet (Ribera d’Ebre): 73.6
The Sierra de Almos (Ribera d’Ebre): 68.4
Cabanes (Alt Empordà): 66.1
Horta de Sant Joan (Terra Alta): 65.7

Regarding rainfall intensity records, the data corresponds to last night:

Benissanet (d’Ebre): 21.4
Siurana Swamp (Priorat): 22.8
Tarragona (Tarragonès): 25.4
Nulles (Alt Camp): 24

The 112 emergency telephone number has received a hundred calls (108) in this episode of rain and wind, most of them in the Tarragonès (38) and Baix Camp (23) counties, none of them outstanding. The thickness of calls occurred between 19 and 21 hours yesterday, and especially in the municipalities of Tarragona and Reus.

For their part, the Generalitat Bombers have carried out a total of 78 actions throughout the entire episode (from yesterday at 12 noon to today at 12 noon). Most of the services have consisted of removing fallen tree branches from the road, as well as other objects, as a result of the fanning associated with storms. Many checks were also made for possible ignitions caused by lightning strikes, especially in the southern regions of the country.

As for the rains, most of the actions of the firefighters have focused on the removal of accumulations of water to low areas and basements, as well as to make safety routes through flood zones.

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