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The EMT tenders the purchase of three hydrogen buses

The Municipal Company of Public Transports ( EMT ) of the Tarragona City Council has opened a new public tender for the supply and maintenance of three buses powered by hydrogen batteries. The acquisition is supported by European Next Generation funds.

Jordi Fortuny, president of the EMT points out that: “the commitment assumed by the EMT with care for the environment and sustainability raises the need to achieve public mobility with zero CO2₂ emissions”. The three vehicles will increase the low-emissions fleet, adding to the 10 hybrid buses that are scheduled to be in operation at the beginning of the summer. “The Tarragona EMT proposes the gradual replacement of its bus fleet, reorienting itself towards a model that integrates vehicles with a low environmental impact,” adds Fortuny.

The objective of the action is to reduce polluting emissions from motor vehicles, thus improving air quality, as well as final energy consumption and noise, acting on urban mobility by promoting a change in propulsion technology towards zero emission vehicles.

The three hydrogen buses will be electrically powered and will be between 10 and 12 meters long. These vehicles will enter service to replace three Euro III diesel buses, which are 18 years old.

On the other hand, the Next Generation funds also support the financing of 69% of the 300 thousand euros necessary for the digital transformation of the activity of public transport services.

This digitization will be carried out with the acquisition of a software license of a specialized nature and intended exclusively for action in order to update the computerized management system of the Tarragona urban public transport service.

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