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The electrical tower of TGN’s Paseo de Torroja is removed

Endesa has removed the electrical tower, sixteen meters high, located on Paseo de Torroja in Tarragona. The support invaded part of the promenade and hindered the circulation of vehicles.

A month ago, the company, with the collaboration of the City Council, began the works that are part of an action to reform the medium voltage network in the area. These works will improve the electrical service of almost 4,500 customers while updating the network. The Councilor for Territory, Mobility and Sustainability, Xavier Puig, stressed that it is an element that generated “insecurity and discomfort”, and that its removal will mean a “significant urban gain”.

The works project includes the installation of a new transformation center and a new 405-meter line that reaches Plaza Mn. Perfect Cabre. Currently, they are already installed waiting to be put into service.

Now, once the tower and the section have been removed, a new tower will be installed on the other side of the road, and once the legalization documentation is approved by the Government’s Department of Industry, the new facilities will be connected. Both Endesa and the council expect the works to be completed this year.

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