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The drunk driver who makes a ‘complete’ in Reus

In the early hours of last Sunday, shortly after 6, a BMW caught the attention of several witnesses on Sant Bernat Calbó avenue in Reus. Tourism circulated recklessly and at the height of Plaza Europa it would have jumped the median, it would have taken some ornamental plants before entering the opposite lane and circulating in it during a journey interrupted by a collision with two cars, a Citröen and a Ford properly parked.

It not only damaged the two vehicles and the ornamental plant area. The driver managed to park the car in an area for the disabled before getting out of it and seeking escape along Sant Bernat Calbó avenue. Before trying to escape, the driver would have broken the window of a building in the community closest to the disabled square (Costa Brava street) and in the blow she would have cut her forearm.

The “action” of this driver, who had a co-pilot, was recorded by witnesses, who called the Guàrdia Urbana. The patrol quickly located the irregularly parked car and with the explanations of the witnesses and the images, the driver was also found, who had two cuts on her arm (the result of breaking the glass of the block of flats).

The agents subjected her to a blood alcohol test, giving a positive criminal result and charged her with different crimes related to road safety and damage to vehicles and the neighborhood portal.

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