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The Dragons Training Camp comes to an end

The Training Camp 2022 of the Barcelona Dragons has concluded this afternoon at the facilities of the Estadi Municipal de Reus. This puts an end to four days of intense activity to finish putting together the squad that will face and compete this summer in the second season of the European League of Football.

It has been four days of a lot of activity in the field. 67 are the players who have completed a total of seven sessions throughout the entire Training Camp. Seven training sessions divided as follows: from Thursday to Saturday there was a double session -morning and afternoon-, while today, Sunday, there was a last one in the morning. In these four days the American signings were not present, and it is that due to documentation procedures they have not yet been able to travel. They will all arrive in the next few days. In this next week the corresponding cuts of players who will not finally be in the squad that will compete in this new season will be made.

Bar Iaccarino, General Manager of the Barcelona: Dragons, has made a very positive assessment of the Training Camp: “It has been four days of an impressive workload. I am proud of all the players, staff and members of the organization for having made it possible for these four days to go as well. I have seen a significant change compared to last year. Both the players who were there last year and I can attest that this is so. Not having been able to count on the Americans has not been a setback. Of course we would have liked and we wanted them to be there, but the documentation procedures sometimes go as they go. They will come over the next few days and we will be able to work side by side, all together. Now we have to make the final decisions to finish making the final template. This is the next step.”

On the other hand, Andrew Weidinger, Head Coach of the Barcelona Dragons, has assured: “We are all very excited about the progress we have made on both sides of the ball in Training Camp. Obviously we had a unique situation in which all of us
we couldn’t get to Spain and our players and coaches have handled it very well. We were a bit at the mercy of the quality of our internet connections, but we have been able to hold all of our meetings via Zoom and we have been able to review all of the sessions together. Offensively we’ve made a lot of progress from day one to day four, it’s always hard to execute consistently offensively, at all levels of football, and I feel like we really started to hit our stride just as Training Camp was ending. . Our defense seemed to have been on this new system for years and came out of the blocks firing, flat out. They started very strong and have finished even stronger”.

Finally, Patrick Wennin, Special Teams Coordinator and Running Back Coach of the Barcelona Dragons, stated: “The Training Camp has been great. It has been great to see the competition and the intensity throughout the four days. We have trained hard for days very
hot and we have taken steps forward to continue growing. We have work ahead of us, so now is not the time to relax. We will continue to work hard to continue with this positive evolution that we have had during these days”.

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