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The destruction of three swallow nests can be expensive for a resident of Creixell

Agents of the Seprona of the Civil Guard have proceeded to take a statement as an investigator from a resident of Creixell as the author of a crime related to the protection of wildlife.

As he has learned diary, an owner hired a painter to renovate the facade and in the previous works to paint, three swallow’s nests were removed. This action was recorded by a neighbor and reported to Seprona. For this reason, the Benemérita has explained that citizen collaboration has been crucial to be able to impute this crime to the neighbor of Creixell.

Sources from the Civil Guard report that the pertinent police proceedings have already been carried out and an administrative file has been opened for referral to the Generalitat’s Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda.

Swallows, among other birds, are insectivorous birds that are included in the list of wild species under a special protection regime and included in the species protected by Legislative Decree 2/2008 of April 15, of the Animal Protection Law. . They are migratory birds that usually begin to nest in our country in mid-March, using the same nests used in previous years.

The destruction of their nests constitutes an action that hinders or seriously impedes their reproduction by altering their habitat. This damage to the ecosystem is punished by criminal and administrative legislation.

To carry out any type of intervention in the nesting areas of these birds, it is necessary to have prior authorization from the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda, which will assess the relevance of any action in this regard, in which case would be carried out by qualified personnel.

Citizen collaboration in similar cases is essential, so if you detect acts similar to those described, you can contact the Tarragona Civil Guard Command.

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