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The Delta de l’Ebre, maximum exponent of the regression in the Mediterranean

The Delta de l’Ebre is today the maximum exponent of the regression in the Mediterranean. The Gloria storm of January 2020 made a threat that had been flying over the area for years a reality: the danger of disappearing due to the effects of climate change. And he put the territory on alert to avoid it: the nearly 60,000 inhabitants of the Delta want to continue living in the land where they were born.

There are basically three threats: the rise in sea level as a result of climate change, the lack of sediments from the river (which are retained in the basin’s swamps) and the sinking of the delta surface (a phenomenon known as subsidence). , a few millimeters a year. All this means that, according to the calculations of the experts, in some areas such as the mouth, the Delta recedes about ten meters a year, while others resist or even gain some ground due to the effect of the currents and the distribution of the few sediments reaching the sea.

The symbol of the Delta’s fragility is the Trabucador bar, a thin tongue of land (isthmus) that joins the right bank with Punta de la Banya, which temporarily disappeared under the waters during the Gloria and has also been shaken by other posterior temporal. Emergency works had to be carried out to provide thousands of cubic meters of sand and be able to recover the bar and the connection with the Trinitat salt flats.

Other points that are especially affected by the regression and the impact of the waves during strong storms are the Marquesa beach and the access area to Punta del Fangar (municipality of Deltebre), where the Vascos restaurant is protected with a breakwater. stones; and the coastal front of the Illa de Buda, with the danger that the coastal lagoon of the Calaixos de Buda will disappear.

Faced with all these threats and with the conviction that the Delta can be saved and conserved as it is today, the city councils and irrigation communities in the area joined together in the Taula de Consens pel Delta, a territorial lobby that calls for urgent action from higher administrations, and which has more than thirty member entities and associations.

The proposal of the territory

La Taula presented at the beginning of 2020 a Pla Delta with the actions that, in its opinion, are essential to maintain the current morphology of the area. In addition to the return of the sediments retained in the reservoirs to the river, they demand other measures to solve the urgent and medium-term problems suffered by the delta coast: an integrated defense model applying different actions according to the type of area to be protected and according to the severity of the the situation: contribution of sand, creation and reinforcement of dunes, adaptation of wetlands and interior motes (guard paths), in addition to the defense of the marine environment. All this would reinforce and increase the width of the beaches, a fact that would help defend the territory against the sea, they defend from the Taula de Consens.

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