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The death of the cyclist Antonio Espejo moves the sport of Tarragona

The death of the cyclist Antonio Espejo Corrales has shaken the sport of Tarragona. He was 38 years old and for a few seasons he had been part of the Oleka de Cambrils amateur team.

Antonio died after not being able to recover from the consequences caused by choking during a meal.

The cyclist from Torreforta had been a regular at amateur cycling races in recent years, especially on the Catalan calendar. He now ran in the Master + 30 category.

He had also competed for the Campo Claro Cycling Club. He had made his debut with the Tarragona team on July 1, 2018 at the Gran Premi de Perafort.

Antonio Espejo, in the foreground, with the Oleka jersey. PHOTO. Assigned

The president of the CC Campo Claro, Diego Boss, highlighted yesterday that “Antonio was a beautiful person, super-educated and hard-working. He went out of his way to cycle, to the point that as soon as he finished work he almost always got on his bike to go to train I always told him that if he had been able to dedicate himself before with that same intensity, he would have reached the top”.

The messages of remembrance towards his figure and of support to his family and friends are visible during the last hours on social networks.

One of his cyclist friends, Jaume Rué, with whom he used to do some training until the Priorat region, lamented his disappearance on Facebook: “Without any kind of sense, inexplicable, unfair, incredible… Adjectives are missing. Goodbye, mate!” . Antonio had taken part in the Melcior Mauri campus in Cambrils organized by Rué.

The funeral for Antonio Espejo will take place this Saturday at 4:00 p.m. in the Torreforta church.

Just before, at 3:00 p.m. , in front of the Ford of Tarragona, a march of cyclists with their bikes and jerseys has been called to accompany Antonio to the church of Torreforta

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