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The CSN approves the urgent processing of an emergency support service

The Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) has approved the start of urgent processing of a support service for local emergency management, and has favorably reported the requests submitted by the licensees of the Trillo, Ascó and Vandellós II plants.

This body has confirmed this today in a statement, in which it has also explained that, at its weekly meeting, the Plenary has given the green light to the appointment of the jurist Pablo Martín González as its Secretary General, at the proposal of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the demographic challenge. Among other decisions, the regulatory body has approved starting the urgent processing of a technical support service “for the functions and responsibilities of the CSN in local emergency management, including the availability of radiometric instrumentation,” he pointed out.

The objective, he stressed, is to continue the current provision through a contract with a Radiological Protection Technical Unit (UTPR) that will end in June 2022. “The services covered by this contract are essential to guarantee an adequate response in the event of nuclear or radiological emergency, given that the CSN does not have the necessary resources of its own to do so and they must be planned in advance and prepared for activation at any time”, the statement alleged.

The new contract, in which the value of the tender is increased -whose amount amounts to 653,400 euros per year, VAT included-, considering the increase in the CPI since the last contract in 2015, will be valid for two years.

“The proposed contract maintains the service improvements that had already been specified, related to the availability of members, equipment loss insurance and support to the CSN in the transfer, assembly and commissioning of portable automatic radiological surveillance stations in drills and emergencies, among others”.

Nuclear Power Plant Applications

The Plenary Session of the CSN has also reported favorably on the request for a proposal to change the Operating Technical Specifications (ETF) on the systems to maintain the integrity of the containment ring, submitted by the licensee of the Trillo nuclear power plant (Guadalajara).

Similarly, it has reported favorably on the requests submitted by the owner of Ascó and Vandellós II (Tarragona) on the change in the Physical Protection Plans of both facilities. “This is the biennial revision of this official operating document, which is in its first revision and has as its objectives the incorporation of the changes made as a result of the design modifications implemented in the physical security system in this period, changes minor and various clarifications”, the CSN pointed out.

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