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The craft of lying | Tarragona Newspaper

If you don’t lie, you don’t have to worry about twisted minds spying on you to guess hidden intentions. I’m talking about lying and not about committing the stupidity of talking about uncertain things, usually out of ignorance. Transparency is a virtue rewarded by life with the satisfaction of having nothing to fear because nothing is hidden. Not even “state secrets”, which is a way of labeling what are usually called sewers, dirty water and places where poisonous reptiles live. The “reptile funds” are there to brutalize public life more and worse, to pay offenders and their betrayals. To twist the reality of things, making it seem like nothing is happening. Agree that there are political decisions that should be protected, but that under normal conditions they do not have to hide unspeakable intentions, because all concealment contains a deception. And for the record, the most absurd thing we have heard these days about spying to find out hidden certainties is that “the Government is transparent, nothing is hidden” and then relying on “state secrets”, because if nothing is hidden there are no secrets.

The current Spanish State handles false truths and spies on those who pose a danger to its interests. There are no private interests above the State. But the bad thing is that whoever decides where the limits of the right to express an opinion and even organize ideas are, believes that he is in possession of the key to the castle where he takes refuge, and is not willing to give up part of his power.

Ugly is that a third party reveals how he spends them spying. And even uglier that the same espionage system (the CNI) ends up spying on its own boss, the Defense Minister, and even more: the boss’s boss. Because, who has been but the CNI itself who has recognized that they were listened to in secret? Even more so to magnify the inconsistencies of the absurd: to spy, the salary of three thousand people is paid, which is the staff of the CNI. Three thousand people to continue with the usual bungling and persecute those who do not belong.

This mess of espionage to the Government is the result of a multiple clumsiness that allows us to think that it is an invention that does not hold up, and that it has been put in place simply to silence dissenting voices that are willing to put the current legislature in a bind. I am not the only one who wonders that if the President of the Government and his minister were spied on a year ago, why was it not commented on then and where was the transparency that the Government spokesperson proclaims? If who spied on him was an unfriendly country, why is it not said? If it was the CNI itself, which had already spied on King Juan Carlos, why didn’t heads roll or roll? And if all this belongs to the realm of lies, why is there someone who concocts these clumsy operations and is not thrown out of power?

Trying to hide the reality of what happened, if it happened, is to further increase the vocation of deception of whoever holds the government of the country. With the aggravating circumstance that it highlights the poor morals of those who sign up for sleight of hand, which is like saying opacity games, without thinking that whoever receives the messages, the citizen of this country who, moreover, is a taxpayer He is neither stupid nor imbecile.

We deserve better governments, more serious, more respectful of the truth of things that happen, sincere and willing to recognize the reality of their bungling, without having to boast of being transparent or that it is not known who M punto Rajoy is. We deserve better in the administration of our common things, and not professional politicians who include in their attributes the evil arts of lying. Or perhaps the Spanish, with their abundant load of scoundrels nesting in an unstable society, deserve this type of government? At one of the points in this vicious circle, it would be necessary to begin to defend the cleanliness of the rules of the game and I am convinced that it must be the person who sets an example. Because, among other things, they even charge for setting an example, and not for practicing the profession of lying.

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