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The construction works of the Old Station in Cambrils have started

The City Council of Cambrils has started the construction works of the old train station building to unite the Vidal and Barraquer and Horta de Santa Maria avenues and open the village to the sea, complint the Municipal Urban Planning Plan (POUM) approved in 2005.

The works have been awarded through a minor contract to the company Excavacions Cofran 95 SL, which will present the best of the three offers for an amount of 42,000 euros (VAT included). The City Council has the mandatory authorization from Adif to carry out the works and, as the opposition groups (ERC and Junts) will demand, the secretary and the auditor have issued a legal report favorable to enderroc.

PHOTO: Ah. Cambrils

The action foresees the total construction of the railway station building, the auxiliary constructions (magatzems, walls, floor coverings, machine rooms,…), as well as the exterior platforms and existing cassettes in order to leave the area prepared for the subsequent conditioning.

PHOTO: Alfredo Gonzalez

The station is in despair after the inn in the Mediterrani corridor and is currently in a state of notable insalubrity, since it had been subject to notorious acts of vandalism. It is the tract of an aïllat building that was to be built in 1865 together with the railway line for trains to pass for more than 150 years, near the terme of Cambrils.

PHOTO: Cambrils Town Hall

The objective of the City Council is to reconnect the village with the beach after many separations for this infrastructure and for això they have opened five provisional steps to cross them while Adif does not dismantle them. Precisely the first country that is going to open, the passat agost, will be the one on the coast of the station, which will heat up temporarily during the works to guarantee safety, since the facade of the building is donated to one side.

PHOTO: Alfredo Gonzalez

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