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The Cicle de Cinema Solidari de Cambrils focuses on conflicts

The quart Cicle de Cinema Solidari “La mar de cinema, la mar de solidaritat” will arrive at the Rambla de l’Art Cinema in Cambrils on the dies April 21 and May 5 and 12 to give visibility to different conflicts that are produced by arreu del món.

Afghanistan, Palestine and the African continent are the scenes of the films that can be seen in this cycle organized by the Cinematographic Cultural Association of Camp de Tarragona and Terres de l’Ebre (ACTE), the Banc del Temps and the Department of Citizen Participation of the Cambrils City Council.

The presentation of the programming, which has tingut lloc aquest matí davant del cinema, has anat to càrrec de l’mayor de Cambrils, Oliver Klein; the ACTE representative, Arantxa Uranga; the president of the Banc del Temps, Montse Mañé; the president of the Friends of the Bassari Country association, Ithiar Boubane, and the representative of the Consell Consultiu de Solidaritat Cambrils Solidària, Fernando Bermejo.

A part of the recapture is allocated to the Friends of the Bassari Country association, which works in this area located between the south-east of Senegal and Guinea Conakry with their own languages ​​and culture, and which is currently collecting funds to rebuild and purify the pou most emblematic of Egath.

As usual, the cinema cycle will include both people specializing in each topic to debate the films with the public and will understand one more time the situation of their protagonists.

The cycle will start on the said April 21 with the animation film “The Swallows of Kabul” by Zabou Breitman and Eléa Gobbé-Mévellec, who portrays the Taliban’s repression of Afghanistan through the story of a couple of lovers set in a dilapidated city during the summer of 1998. On this occasion the guest will be Gemma Querol, Engineer and anthropologist, responsible for UNICEF cooperation programs in Afghanistan (2016-19).

The second projection, the May 5it will be “200 meters”, which is the distance between two Palestinian localities divided by the West Bank. The protagonist is a couple trapped on the other coast of the world who will do everything possible to be with his fill. The presentation of the film will encourage the career of Amina Schoman, doctor in Political Sciences and Palestinian activist, and Pere Vidal, social activist and volunteer in the occupied territories.

Finally, the May 12 is projectarà a selection of four curts africans: the nobodies (2021), Sulayman (2018), MYA (2021) i Al-Sit (2019). The session will include the participation of Aicha Camara, the director of MYA, who denounces female genital mutilation to Europe and Africa.

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