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The celebration of the 700 years of the transfer of the ‘braç de Santa Tecla’ begins

Tarragona and Constantí commemorate this year the 700th anniversary of the transfer of the relic of the arm of Santa Tecla. Although the event occurred last year, the pandemic postponed the festive events, which will take place from May 8 to September 25.

From May 8 to 14, the leading role will be in Constantí, with a walk to Tarragona that will recreate the route made in 1321 or a procession through the town in which the arm will be walked and members of the Tarragona festive entourage will participate.

In September, and coinciding with the Santa Tecla festivities, which will be four days longer than usual, special events will be held in Tarragona for the anniversary.

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