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The Catalans will buy 6 million roses for Sant Jordi

Mercabarna-flor predicts that this Sant Jordi will be selling about 6 million roses to Catalonia, 43% more than the previous pass, of which about 2 million will be distributed from the central market. To go to bed the maximum possible to the 7 million that is going to come in 2019, the majoristes invite you to start buying roses hereby divendres to “compensate” the fet that the festival caigui enguany en dissabte, how many work centers are tancats. One month, the Freedom variety, of Colombian and Ecuadorian origin, will be the main protagonist, accounting for 85% of the rose vermella sales. Despite the fact that the prices, all and the increase in the price of transport and the revaluation of the dollar, will remain stable from 4 euros.

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