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The ‘Catalangate’ and the ‘Deep State’

Every time an episode is produced with the catalangate tothom looks cap to another coast. No hi ha cap responsible. It is the phenomenon connected with the Deep State, l’Estat dins l’Estat, which acts outside of any law or regulation. But whose interests does the Deep State defend? N’he fet un retrat sociològic from the skeletons of the newspaper ABC d’enguany. There is a tria: Don Alfonso Juan de Arróspide y Zubiaurre, Baron de Náquera; Doña María de la Concepción García-Galiano Serret, Daughter of María and member of the Catholic Association of Widows of Madrid; Mr. Luis Cabanas Rubio, Knight of the Royal and Military Order of San Hermenegildo, Knight of Honor of the Cavalry Maetranza of San Fernando; Doña Ana María Valdés Cavanna, in possession of the Medal for suffering for the country; Mr. José Pérez Pérez, comptroller of the Central Administration of the State; Don Gonzalo Crespí de Valldaura, Count of Orgaz; Don Antonio López Cediel, Silver Cross of the Order of Merit of the Civil Guard; Don Carlos Creus y Ramírez de Haro, Marquis of Monteagudo; Don Jaime Ostos Carmona, bullfighter; Don Luis Sartorius Álvarez de las Asturias Bohorques, Marqués de las Nieves… i anar fent.

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