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The Catalan Ombudsman bids farewell to the Reus plenary session after ten years serving the public

Pere Pagès said goodbye, this morning, to the plenary session of Reus as Municipal Síndic de Greuges. He will leave office next June after ten years at the head of this body, created in 2001 and which has the objective of defending the rights of citizens in their relations with the Reus City Council and its dependent bodies.

In his last speech, Pagès has chosen to review his career throughout this decade, instead of taking a look at the latest report –with 393 actions–, which is what is usually done. Thus, he took the floor to say goodbye to the room, thanking the trust of the citizens and also all the councils and departments because “I have always found the necessary collaboration.”

For Pagès, that Reus has a Sindicatura is a sign of “courage” because “it is the recognition that not all things are done well or that, at least, they can be improved”. From this “verification” Pagès has asked for empathy with people who need some social service or seek “the spirit of the law when it seems that the letter falls short.” He has also called for special attention to border situations for having or not being entitled to certain aid because “situations of injustice can occur.”

Pagès has warned of the gap opened by new technologies, asking to give the tools to those who do not have the necessary knowledge. He has also taken the opportunity to denounce that housing is a fundamental right “not guaranteed” and has defended adapting the sanctions to the economic situation of each person.

More at the level of citizen concerns, he has detailed that nightlife continues to generate many complaints, while at the level of circulation «attention should be paid to electric scooters. He has also asked people to make good use of the bins and containers.

All the municipal groups have wanted, for their part, to thank Pere Pagès for his work as Municipal Ombudsman for ten years and have also taken the opportunity to highlight the city’s courage in having a body such as the Ombudsman.

Services Socials, recurring

As Pere Pagès has underlined, issues related to Serveis Socials have been, and continue to be, one of the most recurrent over the years. He has clarified, yes, that «it is not that the work is not done well», but that «sometimes they are people who do not access the service, they do not give them an hour… and they go to the Síndic. And more so now with the digital divide, that there are people who do not have access.

Regarding the report of the Sindicatura of 2021, during that period a total of 393 files were opened for complaints and inquiries from citizens. The majority of interventions (74) have been related to the council of Hisenda, followed by Social Welfare (39). Issues related to the Department of Security, Coexistence and Citizenship have also been recurrent in 2021, with 33 interventions.

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