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“The Cambrils station is not a sentimental value, it is a historical value”

Thursday was a sad day for those Cambrilenses who wanted to keep the building of the old city station. For months it had been known that the local government was in favor of demolishing the historic building. In fact, just a month ago it was announced that the demolition work had been put out to tender and the intention was to carry it out before the summer.

However, what many did not imagine was that just after the Easter holidays the work would begin, without prior notice. The same day that the building began to disappear, several users of the different social networks applauded the government’s decision, but there were also many who lamented the ways of the council and questioned the rush.

PHOTO: Pere Ferré

Yesterday, early in the morning, some posters appeared on the fences surrounding the construction zone showing the rejection of the action initiated by the Cambrils government. “It is not sentimental value, it is historical value”, “You are demolishing the history of our people”, “The government of Cambrils demolishes a historic building”, “There were alternatives”, “Cultural use” and “Social use” were the messages that could be read on these posters that were removed just before the demolition work resumed.

Throughout the day yesterday there were several residents of Eixample Vila and other areas of the city who passed by the railway station to, in a way, say goodbye to a building with more than 150 years of history.

“I have always lived in this neighborhood. For me, the station has a sentimental value because it is part of my childhood, when I used to play with my friends and watch the trains go by; of my youth, when I studied in Barcelona and took the train every week, and of my adult stage, when I accompanied my children to catch the train to go to Barcelona and on Friday I waited for their arrival”, Maria Rosa sadly pointed out.

Pep also pointed out, visibly angry, that what the council had done was not right. “He is nonsense. I think they had to have made a popular consultation. I know that there are many who were in favor of not preserving the building, but there were many of us who did want it to be maintained and become a space for social use. I don’t understand why they haven’t listened to us and I don’t see it as good that we Cambrilenses have to pay for the demolition”, he affirmed.

PHOTO: Pere Ferré

The works continued their course yesterday before the eyes of many curious people who sat on the platforms while they commented on the demolition and explained their war stories. «I agreed that they would throw it away because I didn’t see any use for it if the train no longer passed, but now they say that the tram will pass through here and that another building is planned. So, what nonsense to throw away a historic one to build another, right? », Lluís wondered.

In one of the groups of Cambrilenses who were looking closely at the works, they also explained that, in the morning, the workers tried unsuccessfully to save a ceramic tile with the name of Cambrils. “They were breaking,” one of the neighbors said.

political reactions

After the harsh reactions of the opposition parties, ERC and Junts, Podem Cambrils also harshly criticized the government team yesterday for this action. The party’s spokeswoman, Letícia Menéndez, stated that the demolition is “outrageous” and “an attack on the history of the municipality.”

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