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The Càmara Arrossera del Montsià represents a European Innovation Award

The Càmara Arrossera del Montsià has rebutted the first prize for bioeconomy and circularity of the 5th edition of the Premis Europeus a la Innovació Cooperativa. The guard has recognized the Oryzite project, which has the goal of finding a substitute for plastic from closques d’arròs and, in this way, also reducing CO2 emissions.

The award-worthy initiative is based on sustainability, seeking to convert part of the rice, the main product produced by the cooperative, into a useful raw material. With this finality, the company has been working for a decade with the Granollers businessman Iban Ganduxé to promote the Oryzite project, which, based on research and investigation, has developed a new sustainable, compostable and biodegradable material of plant origin that can have many applications and replace other more polluting elements.

In this way, after many years of research, a product has been found from the hair of the rice capable of replacing the plastic and that could be very useful in applications such as packaging. With this innovation, the company is capable of presenting a sustainable product and of proximity offering rice packaging in this material, created from the remains of this food material that are not so useful. The material can also be applicable in many other products and sectors, such as the automotive or cosmetics.

Marcel Matamoros, president of the Càmara Arrossera, explains that the idea of ​​this conversion process is based on obtaining a part of the rice, in this case the closca, which is not to be used for food and that normally it is destined to the ramaderia or to the construction. «The clofolla tea has little value, it is a residue. We are going to study to see what we could do with and which project was more sustainable. We are going to contact Iban Ganduxé who is going to start researching and I am going to try the product that he bets on for this sustainable model in which he believes », he comments to the Diari.

From the cooperative celebrate the awarding of the prize, organized by the General Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives in the European Union (COGECA) and delivered this week to Brussel les, and highlight that one of the claus of l’èxit d’aquesta innovació has been appropriating the primary sector to the industrial sector. The president indicates that it is a matter of a «recognition of all the efforts that we have been making during all these years. Estem molt contents i molt agraïts també als socis, que son que l’han finançat».

Bet on sustainability

The entity will be snubbed among 1,500 projects created by cooperatives d’arreu d’Europa. Matamoros highlights the importance of betting on sustainability from the transformation of a raw material as simple as the closca d’arròs. «Starting from the project we have discovered many more things that we can use. Rice is one of the most important cereals in existence, with more than 7,500 million tons being produced each year. From here you get a lot of clofolla, since it accounts for 20% of your pes. If every year we produce, imagine the large amount of plastic that we can replace.

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