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The cafeteria of the El Roser Social Center opens to the public

The cafeteria of the Social Center El Roser has already come into operation, open to all citizens. The new service wants to become a shared space between the users of the facility and the rest of the population, especially the students and teachers of the Institut Gabriel Ferrater and the neighborhood in the area. Hours are Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. at 11:45 a.m. and from that hour the space becomes a social dining room.

The operation is like that of any cafeteria, with the exception that alcoholic beverages are not sold. The fundamental difference with other establishments of this type is that in addition to a cafeteria service, it is a social resource. Therefore, having lunch there has an added value, since any profits there may be will be reinvested in the Arada-Fitei joint venture, made up of social and labor insertion companies and experts in social action, responsible for managing the Center’s food service Social El Roser. Consequently, they will have repercussions on the attention to the users of the equipment. In addition, the cafeteria facilitates access for all citizens to this new municipal space for social purposes.

Now, with the opening of the cafeteria, the food service of the El Roser Social Center is now fully operational and offers the following services: social dining room in catering format, in person, to take away and at home; social pantry, a distribution point for food and accessories; and cafeteria, a service that is also open to the public.

The other service of the El Roser Social Center is temporary accommodation, now in the bidding phase and which is expected to start operating at the end of this year. For more information about the El Roser Social Center, you can consult the website

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