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The booths of the Port of Cambrils will arrive at the court if they are not removed

The ‘Defensem el Port de Cambrils’ association has submitted a written complaint to the Cambrils Town Hall in which it requests the removal of the booths located in front of the Tower, which serve a pleasure boat rental company, due to the alteration of the maritime façade that they suppose since they were installed at the beginning of June 2021.

In a few days, the platform will also send the same letter to Ports de la Generalitat, which also lists a series of detected irregularities and lack of licences.

It will be the previous step to the presentation of an administrative dispute in the courts, within approximately two months, if with these two requirements they do not achieve their purpose of having the aforementioned booths removed.

The team headed by ‘Defensem el Port de Cambrils’ denounced this Friday the numerous regulations that they believe have been violated in the installation of the modules and that have led them to take this new step forward after failing to reach any agreement in the conversations that have been held so far with Ports de la Generalitat, responsible for the concession, or with the Cambrils City Council, which is the one who must grant the different licences.

The leaders of ‘Defensem el Port de Cambrrils’, today in front of the Tower.

The group cites from the outset that the Special Plan of the Port of Cambrils, in force since 2006, allows buildings with a maximum concession area of ​​2,502.50 square meters, when the marina in operation has 3,596 m.

He also denounces that the building, activity, opening and environmental licenses have not been granted (they do not appear in the documentation that was given to them about the procedure). In this regard, they assure that the very bases of the public tender indicated that it was mandatory to have all these licenses before the start of any activity.

They also list that no type of protection measures have been taken for the Torre del Port de Cambrils, which since 1988 has been cataloged as a Bé Nacional d’Interès Cultural, and that at no time was the mandatory report requested from the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

And they also explain from the platform that the changes in criteria and solutions applied while the public tender lasted were not exposed at any time, preventing the affected parties from presenting allegations.

The presentation of the facts has had the participation of a large part of the board of directors of ‘Defensem el Port de Cambrils’ Ignasi Recasens (president); Marta Bonet (secretary) and the members Jordi Savall Ferraté and Tomás Garcia. They were accompanied by Lluïsa Rom (treasurer) and Joan Pedrell (member) in an act held at the foot of the Torre del Port itself.

The association wanted to make it clear that it is not against the concession of the boat rental activity itself or the company that manages it, Marina Cambrils.

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