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The book of the Intellectual Farmacèutic del Vendrell

Farmacèutic, but also professor, poet and journalist. Joan Ramon i Soler (1851-1900), from Vendrell, will stand out for his seva intellectuality.

ara Neus Oliveres has rescued the character and the seva work in the book Farmàcia, poesia i societat al Vendrell by Joan Ramon i Soler (1851-1900), he studied his arrival at the Baix Penedès Regional Archive.

Joan Ramon will have contact with many entities of the region and will allow me to conserve moltíssimes cartes that reflect how was the societat vendrellenca of the darrer terç of the 19th century.

Teixit associatiu

The study of Neus Oliveras places the character in all the seves activitats i permet conèixer l’important teixit associatiu del Vendrell a l’època.

Joan Ramon fou Secretary of the Scientific Literary Contest which will take place in Vendrell in 1887, of which Àngel Guimerà was president.

I am also going to write a travel journal of my long stay in Paris for the Universal Exposition of 1889, he will be accompanied by Joan Roquer Marí, from l’Arboç, who was a photographer and Joan Baptista Pons Trabal, an architect.

Pons is going to design the Torre del Bellesguard and precisely his friend Joan Ramon He will beat it both aquest nom in a poem that will arrive on July 3, 1898, the day of the seva inauguration.

begude factory

The book also refers to Josep Roquer Marí who had the Pharmacy and the factory of alcoholic beverages in l’Arboçof which he has kept a promotion card for the products that he elaborated, among which he has the Abecedario liqueur.

The presentation of the book to l’Arboç. The author, Neus Oliveres, in the center.

The documentary sources of Joan Ramon i Soler it is deposited in the Baix Penedès Regional Archive thanks to the donation made in 1996 by M. Carme Cardó i Soler to the Vendrell Town Hall.

The book Farmàcia, poesia i societat al Vendrell by Joan Ramon i Soler (1851-1900), studied by his arrival at the Baix Penedès Regional Archive, has been published by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Baix Regional Council Penedès, with the collaboration of the Vendrell City Council, the Arboç City Council, the Catalan Mutual Private Foundation and the Òmnium Cultural – Baix Penedès.

Joan Ramón i Soler.


Joan Ramon i Soler (1851 – 1900) Licensed in Pharmacy in 1873 by the University of Barcelona. He was one of the Germans Ramon i Vidales, both of whom collaborated very hard, especially in the newspaper El Vendrellense.

His articles “El Vendrell Industrial” are fundamentals for understanding the industrial vendrellenc fabric. Month after month, he worked as a professor of rhetoric and poetry during the courses 1881-1886 at “Colegio de Vendrell”. Member of the Unió Catalanista, he will be secretary of the Agrupació Catalanista del Vendrell. He will maintain a great friendship with the playwright Àngel Guimerà and will collaborate as a correspondent for La Renaixensa al Vendrell. He will be secretary of the Literary Scientific Contest in Vendrell (1887), in which Àngel Guimerà will be president.

It will be a great cultural catalyst, since it will participate in renowned literary events. As a poet he has a very extensive production and his subject matter is very diverse. He published the first book to Vendrell, Quadros del natural (1889). He will participate in renowned literary contests, especially humorous ones, such as the Societat l’Aranya. Starting from his journey to the Universal Exposition of Paris in 1889, he will add the letters that he has sent with the nom d’Impressions parisines. La vila li will dedicate a tribute every 1903.

L’Arxiu Comarcal has finalized its inventory that it is possible to consult in this link.

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