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The bollards in TGN face Lestonnac, City Council and neighbors

Eighth chapter of the eternal dispute between the Lestonnac school and the Tarragona City Council for mobility. The last hour is that the Consistory has decided to install bollards in Puig d’en Pallars street – the one that joins Escorxador street and Plaça de la Pagesia. The objective of the municipal government is to prevent vehicles from parking and circulating near the facades, to guarantee, they say, the safety of the neighbors and the students themselves. The measure, which makes life difficult for parents who leave their children in Lestonnac, has outraged the school, which recriminates the City Council for acting without taking into account the educational center.

The controversy around Lestonnac comes from afar. At the times of entry and exit of the students -9 and 17 h- an important circulatory chaos is formed in the place. Parents access the Part Alta through the Portal de Sant Antoni and leave the car in any corner of the area, such as Plaça de la Pagesia or Puig d’en Pallars street. “During that time, the neighbors can’t even go in to unload or enter our car park,” explains Sergi Carrillo, vice-president of the Associació de Veïns del Carrer Merceria-Part Alta.

The City Council has been working for years to improve mobility in the school environment and thus be able to respond to the interests of all those involved. For this reason, bollards were installed at various points, as is the case of Escorxador or Les Coques streets. Now, the government wants to extend the measure to Puig d’en Pallars street where, during rush hours, parents irregularly park their cars, preventing pedestrians from passing and neighbors from leaving the house.

Lestonnac was quick to react via Twitter. «@ajuntamentdetarragona again you act without taking us into account. New bollards claiming security. This is not the solution. Have you thought about the 400 families in our center? Also through social networks, the school criticizes the City Council for not having spoken with the center’s management before carrying out any action of this type, and reiterates that “we are willing to dialogue and seek solutions that favor everyone”. The management of Lestonnac has expressed to this newspaper that it prefers not to make any further statements, until Monday, May 2, when those responsible for the center will meet with the City Council.

Parents are also outraged by the measure. Yesterday, at nine in the morning, a mother said «at this rate, we will have to take our children by plane to school. They make it more and more difficult for us to access.

“Security is non-negotiable”

For his part, the Councilor for Territory, Xavi Puig, defends that the City Council is responsible for public roads in Tarragona. «In part, the circulation itinerary in the Part Alta is designed for the school itself. But in the specific case of Puig d’en Pallars street, the situation endangers the safety of pedestrians, especially students, who do not have even one square meter to circulate”, explains Puig, who adds that “many vehicles accumulate. Some pass touching the facades and the neighbors leave their houses with the danger of being run over. We are talking about a very clear violation of rights. I don’t think it’s an issue to negotiate, as requested by the school.”

The councilor assures that the City Council has been working and making mobility policies for some time “seeking points of balance between the interests of all those affected, such as schools, shops and neighbors.” Puig adds that “for me, a school deserves all the respect in the world, and that is why we have always attended to its needs.”

conditioned by school

For its part, from the neighborhood association they believe that “mobility in the place must be regulated in one way or another. What cannot be is that the neighbors live conditioned by the dynamics of the school”, explains Sergi Carrillo, vice president of the entity, who believes that “older students can enter on foot from the Portal de Sant Antoni, without the need for Parents have to leave them at the school gate. We understand that the little ones do not.

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