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The bike boom

The bike feels its maximum splendor again, at least the data of the last two years indicates it. Few media have enjoyed such an important validity as it, among other things because it allows healthy physical activity, also the ability to socialize with group activities and enjoy nature.

Precisely the outdoors has become one of the greatest demands of the human being during times of pandemic and the different restrictions that have been imposed to prevent the transfer of the virus. «The open air has been a highly sought after value over the years and that has helped people get excited about cycling. It is ideal to enjoy the atmosphere”, confesses Tania Melendo, personal trainer and amateur cyclist from Tarragona.

In the last year, the bicycle sector has grown to record sales figures, also in components and accessories. Invoicing has even grown, employment and business creation have picked up.

The industry in Spain has billed 10.76% more to reach a record figure of 2,887.89 million euros. The sector chains the second year with billing growth above two digits. In total, the record figure of 1,571,368 units has been sold in 2021, according to the data provided by the study created by the Association of Brands and Bicycles of Spain.

“It is likely that these data are consistent with a fact that occurs frequently, at least in our store. If you come and we don’t have the bike you want in stock, it’s easy for it to take six or seven months to arrive. For this reason, many orders from 2020 were made effective in 2021, although we have worked hard, but I don’t know if as much as in 2020″, comments Eduard Mariné, from the Mariné Bicicletes establishment, which is located in Tarragona and Cambrils.

The study highlights the consolidation of the national industry with a growth in the number of manufacturers of 7.14% and an increase in employment close to 3%. The points of sale, repair and rental increased to reach the figure of 3,028 establishments. Almost 25,000 families in Spain live directly from the sector.

In 2021, the largest increases in unit sales were recorded in the category of gravel (+51.2%) and electric (+5.3%). At the other extreme, the drop in sales of urban bicycles stands out (-12%) due to the promotion of electric bicycles and the use of non-urban models in cities.

The electric format

The electric format has burst onto the market with force, as it allows people with less physical condition to keep their passion for pedals.

In this sense, the sale of electric bicycles is consolidated in 2021 by exceeding, for yet another year, the barrier of 200,000 units sold (223,561). The fleet of electric bicycles in Spain is close to 900,000 units and has become the preferred vehicle for the Spanish.

“It helps users, who by medical prescription or less preparation, to maintain enjoyment,” says Melendo, who highlights the cardiovascular work that is done on a route. «Normally I go in a group and I do it at my own pace. On a personal level, it brings me many benefits and, as a nature lover, it comforts me.”

The increase in organized groups that go out on the road, in the mountains or along the same bike lanes has been considerable during these two years. “We, at the support club level, have not noticed a greater influx of people, but it is true that, at the level of social networks, groups have been organized for outings,” confirms Quico Domingo, president of the Cambrils Cycling Support Club. “During the time of restrictions, if you went out on the mountain, you almost needed to ask permission to go through,” recalls Eduard Mariné in a sympathetic way.

Precisely, the Penya Cicloturista de Cambrils has nominated itself as one of the organizers of the CambriBike, an activity that will be held this weekend and that promotes family bicycle activity. “It’s been two years since we could celebrate it because of the pandemic. In 2019 we had about 190 participants and in this edition we expect more than 300”, highlights Domingo.

The consumption of bicycle activity by families is another of the attractions offered by the sector. In fact, large cities such as Reus and Tarragona have major projects to adapt lanes for this medium.

Cambrils and Salou already have a route along the coast, an attraction that fathers, mothers, sons and daughters do not avoid when organizing their routes. With the arrival of summer and good weather, this choice of leisure and health is accentuated. Pedaling is back in fashion.

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